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Julio Jones' agent in town to meet with Falcons


Reports surfaced Monday afternoon that Julio Jones' agent, Jimmy Sexton, was headed to Atlanta to meet with the Falcons about their ongoing negotiations regarding a contract extension for the All-Pro receiver. On Tuesday, Jones confirmed those reports but would not elaborate on the dealings.

"Yeah my agent is in town," Jones said. "There's nothing for me to report, just front office business with my agent."


This is the latest information for what's been an ongoing saga after the two parties agreed to begin good-faith negotiations this offseason, following Jones' arrival at training camp in 2018. Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff joined the broadcast team during Atlanta's preseason game against the Miami Dolphins and revealed that he believed a deal would be just around the corner.

"He's in a great spot, we're in a great spot," Dimitroff said during the broadcast. "We continue to have our negotiations. I'm confident, I don't have an exact timeline, but I'm not concerned about it, he's not concerned about it … It's just a matter of where it's all going to land. As you know, you get a little creative and see how it is. I think it's around the corner."

Dimitroff also joined the NFL Network prior to the Hall of Fame game and discussed the NFL's leading receiver in 2018. Once again, he expressed optimism that the two sides were approaching an agreement on a deal.

"And again, where we approach it with Julio, we look at everything, of course," Dimitroff said. "We believe that he should be the highest-paid player – sorry, I did not say player – the highest-paid receiver in the league. And I know he believes that. It's just how we're going to approach this and how we're going to get it done. I believe it's right around the corner but I don't want know when it is."

Jones has been working with the team throughout training camp and preseason, albeit in a limited capacity. He has not yet played in a preseason game, and is not expected to suit up in an exhibition game this year. Despite that, Jones remains insistent that he will be ready to go once the regular season does begin.

"That's the ultimate goal, to go into the season healthy," Jones said. "That's really the main thing. You don't want to go into the season with a nagging injury or anything like that, where it's hindering you and your mind is somewhere else. I'm going into the season clear-minded, ready to play, ready to ball. I can help the team out."

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