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Thomas Dimitroff: We believe Julio Jones should be highest-paid receiver in NFL

During an interview on NFL Network on Thursday night prior to the Hall of Fame Game, Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff made his intentions very clear when it comes to Julio Jones and the ongoing contract negotiations with the star receiver.

"We want Julio here for the rest of his career," Dimitroff said. "We're not worried about the timeframe of it."


On Wednesday, the New Orleans Saints made receiver Michael Thomas the highest-paid wideout in history when they gave him a five-year, $100 million extension with $61 million in guaranteed.

"And again, where we approach it with Julio, we look at everything, of course," Dimitroff said. "We believe that he should be the highest-paid player – sorry, I did not say player – the highest-paid receiver in the league. And I know he believes that. It's just how we're going to approach this and how we're going to get it done. I believe it's right around the corner but I don't want know when it is."

Even though Jones has yet to sign a new deal – something that Dimitroff said is a top priority this offseason – the Falcons' star has been adamant about not holding out or missing any practice time. Thomas, if you recall, held out before signing his deal.

"I'm not going to hold out; I'm not going to do any of that stuff," Jones said during an interview with TMZ.

Jones, who has two years remaining on his current deal, has said multiple times since the end of the season that he isn't concerned about the ongoing contract negotiations. During a recent interview, Jones said that "there's no stress on my end. I'm not thinking about it."

"We know what Julio is in this league," Dimitroff said. "We have a very good idea of approximately where he's going to be, which I won't share specifically. The good thing is we've never been held by our owner to be limiting someone and we're very good with our football players here. We feel very proud of how we approach it."

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