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Jones Shows Team Mentality


We all have heard about the type of football player Julio Jones is by now.

He's electrifying, show-stopping and eye-opening.

He's just about every over-the-top adjective you could come up with. But the one description that would probably get overlooked?

Ridiculously humble.

That's right. Jones is about as humble and grateful as they come, and we saw a bit of it during his introductory news conference just after he was drafted by the Falcons in April when he put out a wide array of quotes that showed his head is in the right place.

When SI's Peter King came to Falcons training camp last month, he had a long conversation with Jones and got an even better sense of the attitude Jones has about the game:

"I'm a winner. I don't care about stats. I never have. In the first game of the year, if I catch no balls and we win, I'll be thrilled," Jones told King. "If they tell me the game plan is to go out and block the safety in the mouth 60 times and we win, I'll be thrilled. To me, football's been about winning and nothing else."

Ever since he walked in the door at the team's training facility in Flowery Branch, Jones has made an impression on everyone he has come across.

He's handled himself with professionalism and respect, and it really shows in his interactions with staff here.

"One of the most impressive things that immediately jumps out about Julio is his humility," Vice President of Football Communications Reggie Roberts said. "For a guy who has been a phenomenal athlete and one who starred at the University of Alabama under the glaring spotlight of Southeastern Conference football, there seemingly is no arrogance or self-entitlement about him. He's a pleasure to work with — a yes sir, no-sir guy that has been attentive, patient and one of the most impressive younger players that I've ever worked with.

"Julio gets it. He understands that he is in the National Football League, but he is passionate and intense about one thing and one thing only, and that's winning. Good for him; great for the Falcons."

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