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JAWS: Get Your Questions Answered


Welcome to my new blog-style posts that I'm going to affectionately call JAWS. What does JAWS stand for? Jay Adams Writes Stuff. Can't blame me for not being literal. Anyway, I'll be updating this section of the site several times per day to give you my take on certain news items concerning the Falcons, while also giving you a chance to voice your concerns in a poll.

Most folks think of Facebook and Twitter as all of social media. Truth is, there are a slew of social media sites and technologies popping up all over the place.

Take, for instance, Foursquare — a geolocating social medium, which means you check in at the places you go and earn points for it to compete with your friends (you can friend me there). has been around for a little while, but it hasn't gathered a whole lot of steam. Basically, allows you to ask questions to someone who creates a profile completely anonymously, if you wish.

So, I created an account. While I'm completely accessible on Facebook and Twitter, you can now go to my profile and ask me any question you'd like about the Falcons, our coverage on or whatever you like without the hassle of people, or me, knowing who you are.

Each week, I'll compile a few of the best questions and answer them in a mailbag post.

Go here to ask me a question. No need to create your own profile if you don't want to.

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