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Jackson's Dome Dominance

Steven Jackson will begin his career in Atlanta this year, but one thing will be just like it always has been for Jackson. Coming to the Georgia Dome will continue the home-dome streak Jackson began in St. Louis. Jackson spent the first nine seasons of his career playing home games at St. Louis' Edward Jones Dome and now he continues his career at the Georgia Dome.

The NFC South features an additional dome in New Orleans and Jackson's old conference, the NFC West, was home to a domed arena in addition to the stadium in St. Louis. Arizona's University of Phoenix Stadium features a retractable roof, and the first fully retractable grass surface.

Considering the career Jackson's had in St. Louis, it's no wonder he boasts some strong dome running numbers. In his career he ran for 5,342 yards and 33 touchdowns. He played in each of the NFL's eight domed stadiums in his career and in 2013, Jackson and the Falcons will play three road games inside domes. They'll make the seasonal trip to New Orleans and they'll travel to Arizona. The Falcons are also playing a road game against Buffalo in Toronto at the Rogers Centre, a stadium featuring the first motorized retractable roof. In Arizona's domed stadium, Jackson ran for 551 yards and one touchdown in six games. In two games in his career in New Orleans, Jackson rushed for 172 yards and one touchdown.

Jackson has consistently run well in other domes around the league in his career. In Dallas he rushed for 70 yards and one touchdown in one game. In Indianapolis, he rushed for 88 yards and one touchdown in one game. In Minnesota's Metrodome he rushed for 209 yards and three touchdowns in two games. At Ford Field in Detroit, he rushed for 310 yards and one touchdown in three games. In one game in Houston's Reliant Stadium he rushed for 110 yards and one touchdown.

Most importantly, Jackson rushed for 171 yards and two touchdowns in two games inside the Georgia Dome.

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