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In Rodgers' Neighborhood


Some people want to know where Ray Edwards is.

He's not missing. He's actually out there on the field; he's just doing some things many fans aren't noticing.

Edwards wasn't just signed as a free agent from Minnesota to rush the passer. They never exactly had visions that Edwards would create double-digit sacks and complement John Abraham and what the Falcons believe is a significant rush up the middle from the defensive line.

Edwards also happens to play the run exceptionally well. As I often do, I'll turn to for a pretty nice review of Edwards' game against the Seahawks.

The website credits Edwards an exceptional game defending the run, giving him two stops and winning a few head-to-head battles with Seattle's tight end Zach Miller.

But let's be honest, fans want to see Edwards bring down the quarterback. PFF said he had a few pressures and registered a QB hit last Sunday. A great time for the former Viking to bring down his first quarterback once or twice would be Sunday against Aaron Rodgers.

Because of his time in the NFC North, Edwards' is a little familiar with Green Bay's special quarterback.

"We know each other a little," he said. "I tried to stay around him a lot when I was in Minnesota."

The stats say Edwards has sacked Rodgers four times and that's more than anyone else on Atlanta's roster.

On Wednesday, he gave a little bit of a scouting report on Rodgers, based on his time up north. The defensive end sees a quarterback who is tough to bring down not only because of his athletic ability but because of his football acumen.

"He's very elusive," he said. "He senses that (pressure). Quarterbacks have those clocks in his head and I think he's got a good clock in his. He knows when the pressure's coming and knows how to escape from it."

As of Wednesday the Falcons hadn't asked for tips on pursuing Rodgers yet. That was the first day of gameplan installation and it wasn't the time. He felt like his teammates would come to him as the week progressed looking for any tools of the Rodgers trade.

After his five seasons in Minnestota, three facing Rodgers twice per season, Edwards knows a thing or two about the Green Bay signal caller.

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