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How They See It: Pundits' Picks


*Each week, contributing writer Daniel Cox examines the NFL experts and their Falcons picks and compiles it all to see who believes the most in the Atlanta Falcons. Six pundits are tied for the best record at 11-2 and this week was a near-unanimous week. *

You can almost hear the ProFootballTalk crowd screaming.

"Florio, what are you thinking?"

It's one thing to go against the pack for a good reason, but this week just feels like rebellion for the sake of being different.

Perhaps Florio's been hanging around Schefter too long.

Mike Florio of fame was the only pundit this week to select the Seahawks over the Falcons.

On Monday, Florio will either look really smart... or not.

In other news, Florio's PFT counterpart Gregg Rosenthal continues his hot streak with the Falcons, as do a few other pundits.

Keep your eye on Schultz. He's a homer and all, but he clearly knows what he's talking about.

"The Seahawks defense allowed Alex Smith to throw for 255 yards and three touchdowns on Sunday, as he finished with a 130.9 passer rating in his first game in over a month. What's red hot Matt Ryan going to do against this unit? It could get ugly early for the Qwest Field fans. Seattle has lost five of its last seven games by an average of more than 23 points a contest. Look for another blowout on Sunday" -Peter Schrager,'s Week 15 Picks * "The Falcons don't get enough credit for being 11-2. And though we've tried to give them more credit for being 11-2, I can't help but think that it's time for the Falcons to not find a way to outscore an opponent. Whether they're due to lose or whether they'll take the Seahawks lightly or whether they're looking ahead to a Week 16 visit from the Saints, it's time for the Falcons to pick up their first loss of the season outside the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania."- Mike Florio,'s Week 15 picks * "Fourth roadie in five weeks for the Atlantans. They've won in the Central (St. Louis, Green Bay at home), Eastern (at Tampa and Carolina), and now they take the six-hour jaunt diagonally across America to Seattle, traveling Friday and working out at Qwest Saturday, hoping to take the 12th Man out of the game early. The 6-7 Seahawks have everything to play for, and Pete Carroll will have the bitterness of the disaster at Candlestick expunged by kickoff. But it won't be enough to beat a better team." - Peter King,'s Weekend Pickoff

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