Five Things About Cheerleader Alice F.


Get to know more about Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders co-captain Alice F. in our new weekly feature:

  1. I am from a town of 16,000 people — Eden, North Carolina. Me and Brittiney W. (former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader) grew up together; we've known each other since we were five. We are from the same hometown; cheered and danced together. We went to the same college, danced together there, and then cheered for the Falcons together.
  1. I was on the dance team at East Carolina University.
  1. I grew up in a funeral home. The funeral home was right next door to my house. It was my great-grandfather's, then my grandfather's, and then it was passed on to my dad. I'm next in line to take it over. I'm not quite sure that I will actually do that. I would like to stay in Atlanta. Maybe I'll go to the mortuary school here and maybe I'll open up my own funeral home since I know the business well.
  1. My mom and I started a Fourth of July parade in our hometown.
  1. I manage a ballet barre fitness studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

For more information about Alice, check out her [bio page]( F./4bb91c9f-1c44-443e-9e2a-3cb18e6d98e3 "Cheerleaders - Alice F.").

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