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Falcons' GM Thomas Dimitroff surprises six families with Christmas shopping spree

ATLANTA – Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff and his two children recently surprised six families from Bert's Big Adventure, a non-profit organization in Atlanta, to a shopping spree.

It was an opportunity for Dimitroff to treat these families with kids who have life-threatening illnesses to a Christmas of a lifetime.

"I realize how fortunate we are," Dimitroff said of the opportunity to be able to provide such a wonderful surprise. "Being around the sport we have opportunities to see a lot and experience a lot and quite honestly acquire a lot. It could be just the gear we get quite often and a lot of the kids don't have an opportunity to [get that]. To be in a sports store and [let the kids] rummage through the aisles and decide what they would like to have that they might not otherwise ever get a chance to purchase – it just means a lot to us. To be able to bring some joy during the Christmas time, it's very special for myself and my family to see."

To start the night, the families were welcomed with a pizza party. Then, Dimitroff announced to all that the kids that for the next hour, they would be able to purchase items in the store courtesy of Dimitroff.

Cheers filled the air as these families went to get their shop on with the assistance of Dimitroff who helped pick out items and greet the kids.

"This is a beautiful thing and something he didn't have to do," Mark Rollins parent of Kiyomi said of Dimitroff's surprise.

"Something we weren't expecting. To be able to get this opportunity, I can't even think of words of how to say thank you."

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