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Falcons Face Chance To Set Franchise Scoring Record

It seems that every Sunday late in the season the Falcons individually or collectively break a franchise record. There's one record that stands currently they haven't broken, but they have a shot at it and it will take a big day to do so.

If the Falcons score 40 points against Tampa this Sunday they will tie the 1998 Falcons for the franchise lead in points scored in a single season as well as average points per game. Currently the Falcons are at 402 points, averaging 26.8 per game. The '98 Falcons averaged 27.6 points, 442 points during the season.

It remains to be seen whether the Falcons will eclipse the mark set by the '98 Falcons, but what they've accomplished this season is still worth writing about. The Falcons' 26.8 points per game ranks them fifth in the NFL in points and in a season when scoring is up higher than it has been in many, many years, that's quite a feat for the Falcons.

Through 16 weeks of the regular season this year, NFL teams have averaged 45.48 points per game, which if it stands, will be the highest points per game total since 1965. Total combined points this season sits at 10,914, which is on pace to surpass the previous league record of 11, 356 set last season.

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