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Falcons Embracing 'Best Offseason Ever' Approach

The Falcons' 2016 roster is constantly evolving and we've amassed all the players in one gallery that will be updated throughout the year

During the very busy season of free agency, the words Falcons head coach Dan Quinn spoke during his introductory press conference continue to resonate with the current players on his roster. When asked how he plans to turn the Falcons into a playoff contender, Quinn didn't mince words.

"Each year is different, and the challenges are different," Quinn said. "For us, the biggest thing is not looking too far ahead. We are going to try the have to best offseason we have ever had for each individual player. Our goal is to have the best training camp we've ever had, and then we will let it go and begin the regular season."

Quinn's press conference came a day after he officially became the 16th head coach in franchise history, Feb. 3. The very same day, Sarah Ryan, the wife of Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan took a pic of her husband already embracing the new playbook for the coming season.

Days later, it was Falcons cornerback Robert Alford tweeting a glimpse of his workout environment, preparing for the fast play required in Quinn's attack-style defense.

We've all likely faced the fatigue that comes halfway through the workweek; Falcons defensive end Malliciah Goodman is no different, and instead of choosing to chill on the couch, he heeded Quinn's advice to all of his players and improved.

Falcons linebacker Paul Worrilow posted proof of his impressive offseason workouts this offseason, later followed by other teammates like Falcons wide receivers Julio Jones and Roddy White, who took time out of their workouts to create unforgettable memories for fans.

So as the days draw near to training camp in late July, Falcons fans can be sure their team is doing everything Quinn hoped for, having the best offseason ever, setting up what could be a truly remarkable 2015.

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