Dominique Davis Continues To Compete


It's not often that a third-string college free agent talks to the media very much. With his preseason play, Dominique Davis, a rookie quarterback in addition to his other adjectives, has given everyone a reason to talk to him and about him.

Following Monday's practice, Davis found himself in a huddle of seven media members asking him questions. He handled himself as he has through training camp and three preseason games: with poise.

Davis, who figures to see ample playing time against Jacksonville on Thursday night used the word "competition" about two dozen times to describe how he approaches each day of practice and gameday. It's a word that's been floated around the Falcons facility a lot this preseason and head coach Mike Smith is pleased with the competitive spirit young Davis has brought with him.

"He's made plays when he's had opportunities," Smith said. "When you tell your guys you're going to have an open competition, you want guys to come out and compete and that's what he's done. You want to have that competition when you build your roster because that's how you get your strongest roster."

Davis said he's not looking at the second- or third-string QB job as his target, instead just trying to compete as hard as he can when he walks out onto the field. He considers himself in the perfect situation and has listened to every word of advice starting quarterback Matt Ryan has given him, specifically to make good decisions and continue to play hard.

Playing hard and working hard is what Davis has done since he arrived in Atlanta during the offseason. He said the coaching staff threw "the whole kitchen sink" at him in terms of the playbook. Nothing was held back and Davis has worked through it all.

In Jacksonville later this week he'll continue to put everything he's accomplished so far into action on the playing field. Despite the moderate success he's had in the preseason, admittedly a small sample size to determine a player's true ability, he's not going to change anything.

"I'm just going in there and keep doing what I've been doing," he said. "I'm not trying to do anything extra and just keep working hard."

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