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Changes ahead for receiver, punt return positions


"You get 2 yards and get tackled at the 17," Armstrong said. "Everyone says that's a bad play. No, you kept it from rolling down there to the 2-yard line. That's the whole point about that."
In that sense, Armstrong praised the jobs done by Weems and Williams last Saturday with the one exception that was negated by the penalty.

Asked what Douglas excelled at, Armstrong said it was the fundamentals.

"I think the biggest thing Harry did was he caught the ball and got up the field," he said. "… If you catch it and get up the field, that's the biggest key. When you dance, coverage is closing on you. So unless you have unique speed you need to catch it and get going, because everyone can run."

Closing -- just like the opportunities at training camp.

Day 18 -- Tuesday, Aug. 18, 2009
8:30 a.m./3:45 p.m. Practice

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