Boxing Influence Apparent in Quinn's Style

Each and every day, there are certain quotes, images, videos and breaking-news stories that go viral, instantly grabbing the attention of countless numbers of people throughout the world.

As soon as the long-awaited fight date between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather was confirmed and announced, Twitter exploded as fans rejoiced about soon getting to see what is likely to be a fight for the ages.

Among the many boxing fans relieved about the fight is Falcons head coach Dan Quinn, who has used techniques in the sport of boxing to make him a better football coach.

"I really got into boxing in the first place to learn more (about) hand speed, more techniques, and then I found out I loved the sport, so I followed it, and I got more involved with it," Quinn said.

Quinn has transferred lessons from the ring to benefit his defenses, including the last two dominating groups he led in 2013-2014, allowing an average of 271 yards per game (91 rushing) and 15 points per contest en route to consecutive Super Bowls as the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator.

The new, energetic Falcons head coach showed further proof of how much he appreciates a fast and physical attack mentality, tweeting congrats to the record-breaking UFC 185 victor, Ronda Rousey. Quinn's approach to the game and the focus on improved footwork and hand speed are just part of the plan to improve his entire team, including the players he wants getting after the quarterback in 2015.

"It's part of the offseason program and then part of their training and part of what we do in individual (workouts) every day, just to keep working those hands as a rusher," Quinn said. "It's your feet and your hands that separate you, so if that's two of the most important criteria, we're going to train it over and over and over again."

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