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Bermuda Shorts: That's a Wrap


This trip seemed to have gone by in a flash. It is the final full day that we get to vacation in paradise. On Saturday, I had a relaxing day at the beach with re-rook Katharine M. and rookie Allie A., and last night we held a team dinner (steak!) and dragged our tired bodies to bed early.

A majority of the cheerleaders spent the morning at the gym and the breakfast buffet laughing and talking about our experiences, while waiting on the final groups of ladies to return from their morning shoots. The final two groups completed their photo shoots down at the cove by noon, and they were able to enjoy the remainder of the day.

After breakfast, we all walked downtown to Front Street to have a look at the shops and the harbor, even though almost nothing was open.

We were not disappointed, however. The scenery on this island is breathtaking. Veterans Jonna B. and Denita C., as well as re-rook Tamara H. and myself spent the afternoon having a little photo shoot of our own around town. It tired us out and led us to a huge brunch. I suppose it is safe to say that our team is always looking forward to the next meal!

When I returned from my little adventure, I spoke with my trip roommate, rookie Lindsay M., about her impromptu re-takes this morning. She told me that although her shoot was unexpected and early (we were woken up at 6:30 a.m. by the phone call), she was extremely excited for the opportunity to re-shoot her photographs. I know they are going to come out beautiful!

Now I am off to enjoy a final dinner and evening out with my teammates and behind the scenes crew. We have all worked our tails off and are all very grateful to be here!


Melissa Z.

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