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Aaron Rodgers Offers High Praise of Keanu Neal

Head coach Mike McCarthy

On the Falcons' offense:"Well, they're a complete offense. They've been on an incredible roll. You look over the course of the season, not only the production – they were No. 1 in the league in points, the production speaks for itself – really the thing that jumps off the film is the consistency. They've been doing it at this high level the whole year. So, excellent offensive line play; the ability they have, those five starters playing week in and week out, is so beneficial. You just see they're very much in sync in the run (blocking) and protection. Matt's having a great year. … It's a complete offense."

On the challenge of facing RBs Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman:"They're excellent football players. They're three-down players. They can obviously do it from the backfield, both in the run and the pass. That's dynamic. And that's something we look for in the running back position: the ability to play in all three downs. Both of these guys are giving a ton of production. They really complement each other. It's a great pair of backs."

On the progress of Atlanta's rookie defenders:"They're getting better. It's like anything in this league. It's the availability. That's the No. 1 statistic. You talk about availability, accountability all the time. It's the building blocks for a program and what you need to bring to the table every day. ... It's no surprise when they're able to get in there three, four, five weeks in a row. You can just see them making progress."

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

On the Falcons defense:
"They do have a lot of young players, but very talented players. I said during the week last time and after the game, I think Neal is a very, very talented player. I think he's had a fantastic season. He does a lot of things out there that makes you think he's a veteran. So having him out there to be healthy and to be consistent is a big part of their success. When you're playing a defense that's like this that's rooted in the Seattle concepts, you need that player as they have with Kam Chancellor, and Neal has really stepped in and done a fantastic job for them.

"Look at the other young guys they have. Obviously, Vic (Beasley) had a fantastic season, Deion Jones has had a very good season, improved every single week. They've been banged up a bit with Desmond Trufant, but I think (Jalen) Collins has stepped in, (Brian) Poole has definitely improved. It's a very good defense. Those guys are not playing like rookies. And as much as I know Matt and them deserve a lot of the credit and probably get a lot of the notoriety the way that they've played on offense, especially last week – you look at the way they corralled that offense in Seattle, (it) was really outstanding."

On Ryan:
"Matt's a fantastic player. He' had a great year, just been really consistent the entire season, playing consistently at a high level, which is tough to do. I've gotten to know him a bit over the years, mostly playing golf with him at Tahoe, and I've always enjoyed our conversations and getting to spend time with him. Just have an enormous amount of respect for the way he goes about his business."

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