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5 Things to Know From Wednesday's Media Session

On Wednesday, LB Sean Weatherspoon, WR Mohamed Sanu and C Alex Mack addressed the media where they discussed their impressions of being with the team in Flowery Branch.

1. Sanu Believes He's Ready for Bigger Role on Offense

Mohamed Sanu was used as a No. 3 or sometimes even a No. 4 receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals last season, but in Atlanta, he'll have a much bigger role, most likely running opposite of All-Pro WR Julio Jones.

The Rutgers product says he's ready to take on the role and isn't putting any pressure on himself.

"I'm very ready," Sanu said of the opportunity. "My role has grown a lot and I'm embracing it."

2. Mack's Ability to Run in Shanahan's Offense is Key

In addition to Alex Mack's obvious talent at center, his familiarity with Kyle Shanahan's zone blocking scheme is a big reason to why his move to Atlanta makes sense on so many levels.

Mack believes his ability to run in Shanahan's system is what allows him to be successful.

"I like to think I run pretty well," Mack said of his strengths in Kyle Shanahan's offense. "With his offense, it's a lot of outside zone kind of stuff. Being in shape and being able to run laterally and get off the ball pretty quick is fun and I think I do it pretty well. I think it's going to be a good adventure to do this offense again and get really good at running this outside zone."

3. Sanu's Time as a Quarterback Helps His WR Skills

Sanu played quarterback during his high school years, and he even threw two touchdown passes during his time in Cincinnati.

The former quarterback said his experience at the position can be used to his advantage.

"It helps me a lot," Sanu said of how once being a quarterback helps him as a receiver. "I understand what defenses are trying to do, I understand where I fit in. It helps me tremendously because I know if Matt (Ryan) is waiting for me, I have to get open in a certain amount of time or it's a sack or he's moving on to a different receiver."

And when asked if fans can expect to see him throw a touchdown pass this season, Sanu smiled and said, "If the opportunity comes, I'm going to take advantage of it."

4. Spoon Believes He's Healthy Again

Sean Weatherspoon's first go around in Atlanta ended with a lot of injuries on his resume.

Now, a year later, Weatherspoon says he's fully healthy and is concentrating on the opportunity at hand.

"I'm good, I'm A1," Weatherspoon said. "The way I'm moving now is light years [ahead] of how I was moving coming off the Achilles when I got to Arizona."

5. Falcons Hard at Work

Four weeks have passed since the Falcons started their offseason workout program and the intensity remains at a high level.

"Man, we've been working," Weatherspoon said of the offseason workouts. "We are working hard out there, getting our runs in together. We are just trying to get better and get ready for the upcoming year."

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