2016 Atlanta Falcons Celebrity Mock Draft


With two days to go until the 2016 NFL Draft, we've seen just about all there is to see from the experts as far as who they think the Falcons will take with the No. 17 overall selection.

So, we wanted to get a fresh take on the possibilities for the Falcons in the first round. We reached out to a wide array of celebrities who are fervent in their support of the Falcons to find out what they thought the Falcons will do with the 17th selection.

Below are the responses we received back as we inquired with music, Hollywood and TV's biggest Falcons fans.


Chris Cauley

Singer, The Voice!!

Darron Lee

"Dan Quinn has publicly stated his desire to become a faster team defensively. Lee presents the best option to add speed to the front seven as hes'a linebacker who runs and covers like a safety."!

Cole Swindell

Country Music Artist!!

Robert Nkemdiche

"He will wreck havoc on opposing teams"!

Michael Kelly

Actor, House of Cards!!

Darron Lee

"I think my Falcons take Darron Lee at the 17th pick but wouldn't be surprised if they go with Reggie Ragland or even Vic Beasley's old teammate, Shaq Lawson. I'd say D is where our focus will and should remain."!

Daniel Platzman

Drummer, Imagine Dragons!!

Shaq Lawson

"He'd be a great fit with his size and skill. If he's available at 17 we should pounce."!

David Ragan

NASCAR Driver!!

Darron Lee

"I think the Falcons need a LB and Darron is a solid player, from a program that has won about everything in college football the last few seasons. I think it is important to bring someone on who is strong at their position, and is a winner!"!

Josh Rand

Guitarist, Stone Sour!!

Leonard Floyd

"I'm a big fan of the team taking the highest rated player on our board at any position but I feel the 2nd wave of D needs the most help. Floyd would be a nice addition to Quinn's defense."!

Richard Browne, Jr.


Reggie Ragland

"I would love for Quinn to get Matty Ice some weapons and if Treadwell is available I think he would be a great 3rd option since our TE need work, but he's a defensive minded coach so at 17 we take Ragland from Alabama. The Clemson de isn't a true edge rusher"!

Pastor Troy

Rap Artist!!

Leonard Floyd

"I am a Hometown Guy and I love when the Atlanta Falcons and Bulldog Nation join together to support a Home-grown player, so with the 17th pick, I would love for us to take Leonard Floyd out of the University of Georgia!! Speed at Linebacker and a Fanbase already!!!!"!

Tim Dugger

Country Singer!!

Reggie Ragland

"I think Coach Quinn could develop him to being one of the key components to our defense in the future. He is fast and aggressive, just like our defense will be! RISE Up!"!

Reed Sorenson

NASCAR Driver!!

Darron Lee

"I think the Falcons could use someone with his speed and agility! He seems to be able to take on running backs but also cover tight ends when needed!"!

Garrett Wang

Actor, Star Trek Voyager!!

Joshua Garnett

" If the Falcons go with an offensive player, I think it would be Joshua Garnett, the Stanford Guard. There needs to be someone to bolster the O-line to help keep Matty Ice upright. If they draft a defensive player, it will be Linebacker Miles Jack from UCLA. The Falcons need some new life in the linebacking core. Remember, defense wins championships."!

Trinidad James

Rap Artist!!

Shaq Lawson

"Clemson Baby lets go!!"!

Jermaine Dupri

CEO, So So Def!!

Laquon Treadwell

"We need another explosive receiver to take some of the weight off jones,plus he's top 10,getting him first sends a message to the rest of the league,the Falcons wanna compete"!

Titus O'Neil

WWE Superstar!!

Myles Jack

"Former DC at U of F Dan Quinn is about that DEFENSE!!"!

Tyron Woodley

UFC Fighter!!

Reggie Ragland

"This inside linebacker has an eye for the ball, hits like a Mack truck, and can cover the slant and short routes across the middle. He is extremely athletic and equally scary. He has a nose for the ball. Hits hard, and wraps up well. Has one of the best pursuit angles in college football. Not to mention how vicious he is if sent hot on a blitz. #AnimalStatus"!

Robert Patrick

Actor, Terminator 2, Scorpion!!

Jarran Reed

"We need DEFENSE!"!

Corey Smith

Country/Christian Music Artist!!

Darron Lee

"His college stats and combine performance support the case that he has the speed, athleticism and ball awareness to fit well into Quinn's scheme for our defense. #RiseUp"!

Logan Browning


Darron Lee

"Tight ends have killed us the last two years. His speed would help us in coverage. Coach Quinn loves speed on Defense. OR Shaq Lawson rejoining Beasley and Grady to put pressure on opposing Quarterbacks."!

Jeff Foxworthy


Leonard Floyd

"He will probably be gone by then but we know for a fact he looks good standing over a quarterback laid out on his back."!

Kenan Thompson

Actor, SNL!!

Shaq Lawson

"We goin wit Shaq Lawson outta Clemson, homie!"!

Finesse Mitchell


Reggie Ragland

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