Videos - November 2021

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2021-11-01 What went wrong in Falcons loss Panthers, how to get right moving forward | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-11-01 'When you lose the line of scrimmage its hard to win' | Arthur Smith Press Conference 
2021-11-02 'Marrying the backend with the frontend is what Dean Pees preaches' | Film Review
2021-11-02 'You gotta go to the tent boy!' | Mike Davis Mic'd Up
2021-11-02 Falcons offense, Taysom Hill & New Orleans Saints | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-11-03 Matt Ryan on the upcoming matchup against the Saints and how the Braves inspired the Falcons
2021-11-03 'If you live and die with the week to week narratives then shame on you' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-11-03 A.J. Terrell on improving his skill set from last season
2021-11-03 Brandon Copeland on the importance of details and fundamentals in the defense.
2021-11-04 Falcons give back through Hometown Huddle
2021-11-04 The three things that define Cordarrelle Patterson on and off the field | Feature
2021-11-04 Marquice Williams on what he sees from the Saints special team unit
2021-11-04 'You want to make yourself valuable and impact the game' | Dave Ragone Presser
2021-11-04 'There are special guys that are just special guys' | Dean Pees Presser
2021-11-04 Calvin knows that I'm there for him | Hayden Hurst press conference
2021-11-05 The rivalry continues ft. Jerry Glanville | Falcons vs. Saints hype
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan dials long distance to Cordarrelle Patterson for 34 yards
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan floats pass on the run to Pitts for 39 yards
2021-11-07 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson absorbs significant contact on 17-yard third-down grab
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan squeezes goal-line TD pass to Olamide Zaccheaus
2021-11-07 Highlight: Russell Gage activates hurdle at wrong moment on awkward 20-yard gain
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan pinpoints third-down throw to Pitts in tight window for 16 yards
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan keeps it himself for a touchdown to cap an 81-yard scoring drive
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan dials launch codes to Olamide Zaccheaus for 49 yards
2021-11-07 Highlight: Matt Ryan with a 6-yard touchdown pass to Olamide Zaccheaus
2021-11-07 Highlight: Steven Means scoops Vaughters' strip-sack on Siemian for 32-yard gain
2021-11-07 Can't-Miss Play: Ryan's clutch launch codes to Patterson get Falcons in FG range
2021-11-07 Highlight: Younghoe Koo delivers his third game-winning FG of 2021
2021-11-07 Falcons vs. Saints Highlights | Week 9
2021-11-07 Matt Ryan's best plays from 3-TD game vs. Saints | Week 9
2021-11-07 Watch the Falcons celebrate their victory in New Orleans
2021-11-07 Highlights from the big victory over New Orleans | Sideline Access
2021-11-07 Arthur Smith recaps the Falcons win over New Orleans 
2021-11-07 Matt Ryan recaps his big day and the win against New Orleans
2021-11-07 Cordarrelle Patterson talks about the importance of a win in New Orleans
2021-11-07 Olamide Zaccheaus recaps his 2 touchdown performance against New Orleans
2021-11-08 How the Falcons emerged with a crazy comeback victory over rival Saints | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-11-08 Arthur Smith on how everyone's contribution is important on the field
2021-11-08 'Everything good, I try to keep levelheaded' | A.J. Terrell Press Conference 
2021-11-09 A.J. Terrell is THAT guy | Atlanta Falcons Mic'd Up
2021-11-09 Breaking down the Falcons win over the Saints | Film Review
2021-11-09 Who dat… Ryan, Zaccheaus, Vaughters, Falcons are closers, playoffs | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-11-10 Matt Ryan leads the Atlanta Falcons to a win over the Saints in New Orleans | On The Rise
2021-11-10 'We've got a really big game in Dallas Sunday' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-11-10 Matt Ryan on facing former head coach Dan Quinn in Dallas | Matt Ryan press conference
2021-11-10 "I want to catch an interception" | Cordarrelle Patterson Presser 
2021-11-10 'The point of the game is to win' | Jake Matthews Presser 
2021-11-11 Top 10 Falcons plays at midseason 2021 season
2021-11-11 Next Gen Stats: Matt Ryan’s 5 most improbable completions over the Saints
2021-11-11 'You said it. He's been very consistent' | Marquice Williams press conference
2021-11-11 'I knew the CP question was coming' | Dave Ragone press conference
2021-11-11 A.J. 'is trying to take it to another level' | Dean Pees press conference
2021-11-11 Grady Jarrett on the impact Ray Lewis has on him as a player 
2021-11-11 'God protected me on that play' | Steven Means Presser 
2021-11-12 Matt Ryan and the Falcons are on the hunt for a BIG win in Dallas
2021-11-14 Cordarelle Patterson talks with Kay Adams about his breakout 2021 season
2021-11-14 Highlight: Matt Ryan's first pass of game hits Kyle Pitts for 17 yards
2021-11-14 Highlight: Matt Ryan couldn't be more accurate on tight-window laser to Patterson
2021-11-14 Arthur Smith after loss in Dallas
2021-11-14 Matt Ryan addresses the media following the loss in Dallas
2021-11-14 'Just keep fighting' | Duron Harmon press conference
2021-11-14 Grady Jarrett on the team's performance in Dallas
2021-11-14 Foyesade Oluokun speaks after today's loss to Dallas
2021-11-15 What went wrong in lopsided loss to Dallas Cowboys, how Falcons can rebound quickly | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-11-15 'It starts with me' | Arthur Smith press conference
2021-11-15 'We just need to play better' | Matt Ryan press conference
2021-11-15 'We definitely got to play better together' |  Fabian Moreau Presser
2021-11-15 'We always have the next man up mentality' | Russell Gage Presser
2021-11-16 Breaking down Kyle Pitts first down reception | Film Review
2021-11-16 Marquice Williams on the Patriots special teams unit | Marquice Williams Presser
2021-11-16 How the Falcons beat the Patriots | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-11-16 "Where's the oxygen at!?" | Foyesade Oluokun Mic'd Up
2021-11-16 Dave Ragone on how the team can bounce back Thursday night | Dave Ragone Presser
2021-11-16 Dean Pees on how "we have to prove we're a better team than last week"
2021-11-16 Kyle Pitts is looking forward to playing in primetime Thursday
2021-11-16 'I think it's just learning each game' | Adetokunbo Ogundeji press conference
2021-11-17 Falcons give back to military & families | Salute to service week
2021-11-17 "If you live in the past this league will eat you alive" | Arthur Smith Presser
2021-11-17 Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons are BACK HOME on Thursday night | Patriots vs. Falcons hype
2021-11-18 Which QB will have a better game on 'TNF': Mac Jones or Matt Ryan?
2021-11-19 Highlight: Kyle Pitts shoulder-charges J.C. Jackson on red-zone grab
2021-11-19 Highlight: Foye Oluokun flies into backfield untouched for 14-yard sack
2021-11-19 Sideline Access: Foye Oluokun sacks Mac Jones
2021-11-19 Sideline Access: Darren Hall takes down Mac Jones on a CB blitz
2021-11-19 Highlight: Darren Hall's delayed blitz drops Mac Jones for 7-yard sack
2021-11-19 Sideline Access: A.J. Terrell Interception
2021-11-19 Highlight: A.J. Terrell leaps in front of Jonnu Smith to high-point INT
2021-11-19 Arthur Smith addresses the media following loss to the Patriots
2021-11-19 Matt Ryan following loss to the Patriots | Postgame press conference
2021-11-19 Why Falcons struggled vs. New England Patriots, what must be fixed to snap losing streak | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-11-19 Highlight: Matt Ryan's 16-yard tight-window laser pinpoints Pitts
2021-11-19 Highlight: Matt Ryan unloads 19-yard DIME to Gage just past sticks
2021-11-19 Highlight: Erik Harris zooms through open gap to sack Mac Jones on third down
2021-11-19 Patriots vs. Falcons Highlights | Week 11
2021-11-19 "All that matters is that you go down to Jacksonville and get back into the mix" | Arthur Smith Presser 
2021-11-19 Breaking down A.J. Terrell's interception against the Patriots | Film Review
2021-11-19 Favorite moments watching Michael Vick 'GMFB'
2021-11-19 Young Thug meets up with Mike Vick in Atlanta, shows off pink suite
2021-11-21 Rookie TE Kyle Pitts mic'd up
2021-11-22 'For this team to really thrive and come out of close games, all three phases has to play well' | Erik Harris Presser
2021-11-22 'Control the things that you can control' | Arthur Smith Presser
2021-11-23 Brandon Copeland wakes up with 'GMFB'
2021-11-23 How Falcons defense is contributing in big way | Falcons Audible Podcast
2021-11-24 Arthur Smith on preparation for the game in Jacksonville
2021-11-24 Falcons vs. Jaguars preview Week 12
2021-11-24 'We still have seven games to go' | Matt Ryan press conference
2021-11-25 Marquice Williams on the Falcons punting situation
2021-11-25 'This game will never be anything more than about the fundamentals' | Dave Ragone press conference
2021-11-25 Dean Pees on the importance of playing physical
2021-11-26 A.J. Terrell, Grady Jarrett taking the fight to Duval | Falcons vs. Jaguars hype
2021-11-28 Highlight: Russell Gage uses all-out dive to extend football past the marker
2021-11-28 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson's marvelous pylon reach nets first TD of game
2021-11-28 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson 1st Touchdown against the Jaguars
2021-11-28 Highlight: Duron Harmon tracks down Lawrence's launch for deep INT
2021-11-28 Highlight: Matt Ryan escapes rush, flips it to Mike Davis for first-down gain
2021-11-28 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson hits cutback lane with fury on 27-yard burst
2021-11-28 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson extends ball once more to get second rush TD
2021-11-28 Sideline Access: Cordarrelle Patterson scores his second TD against the Jaguars
2021-11-28 Highlight: Russell Gage's ambitious hurdle ends in dangerous front-flip landing
2021-11-28 Highlight: Fowler Jr. comes off the edge to force fumble against former team
2021-11-28 Highlight: Matt Ryan finds Russell Gage for a 12 yard touchdown
2021-11-28 Sideline Access: Russell Gage Touchdown
2021-11-28 Highlight: Kyle Pitts finds space in Jags' secondary for 19-yard grab
2021-11-28 Highlight: Keith Smith unleashes one of NFL's best stiff-arm runs of 2021
2021-11-28 Arthur Smith press conference after Falcons win in Jacksonville
2021-11-28 Cordarrelle Patterson press conference following his big game in Jacksonville
2021-11-28 Falcons vs. Jaguars Highlights | Week 12
2021-11-28 Keith Smith post game press conference
2021-11-28 Every game-changing play by Cordarrelle Patterson | Week 12
2021-11-28 Highlight: Cordarrelle Patterson employs truck stick on powerful run
2021-11-28 Relive the Falcons 21-14 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars | Game Highlights
2021-11-28 A.J. Terrell post game press conference
2021-11-28 Dante Fowler press conference
2021-11-28 Matt Ryan post game press conference following road win in Jacksonville
2021-11-29 Cordarrelle Patterson’s value illustrated in win over Jaguars | Falcons Final Whistle
2021-11-29 Cordarrelle Patterson on honoring Ahmaud Arbery with his custom cleats
2021-11-29 Arthur Smith on yesterday's 21-14 win in Jacksonville
2021-11-30 Breaking down Cordarrelle Patterson's big run | Film Review
2021-11-30 "You had to son him like that?!" | Dante Fowler Mic'd Up
2021-11-30 Cordarrelle Patterson returns with career day in Falcons win over Jacksonville | On The Rise