What went wrong in Falcons loss Panthers, how to get right moving forward | Falcons Final Whistle

Scott, Tori and Kris put Sunday's loss to Carolina under the microscope, identifying what went wrong and how the outcome could've gone right in an important NFC South showdown. We go over pivotal sequences gone awry, aspects of the Falcons game that have to get fixed moving forward and how they can get back on the winning track on the latest episode of the Falcons Final Whistle podcast.


(00:02:54): Waving a magic wand over plays that, if changed, could've reversed the outcome

(00:08:06): What aspect of Falcons game hurt team the most

(00:13:05): Evaluating Matt Ryan's performance

(00:16:30): How Falcons performed without Calvin Ridley

(00:18:14): What Falcons must do to move forward after Falcons' loss