Videos - October 2019

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2019-10-01 NFLN: Power Rankings | Week 5
2019-10-01 'NFL 100 Greatest' Games, No. 34: 'Dirty Birds' stun 15-1 Vikings in playoffs
2019-10-01 'We gonna keep fightin’ Ricardo Allen mic'd up
2019-10-02 Falcons-Texans preview | Week 5
2019-10-02 Dan Quinn talks offensive line depth and run game for upcoming road stretch
2019-10-02 'He's a problem' Jerome Henderson talks about how the team will handle Deshaun Watson on Sunday
2019-10-02 Matt Ryan: 'We’ve got to go out there and change that narrative’
2019-10-03 NFLN: Week 5 win probabilities, score projections
2019-10-03 Ben Kotwica on the Falcons' return-game strategies for the matchup against the Texans
2019-10-03 Bird Noises: A trip down Falcons memory lane
2019-10-03 Julio Jones: 'We're a way better ball club than we presented last Sunday'
2019-10-04 Taking on the Texans | Falcons-Texans Game Trailer
2019-10-06 It's GAMEDAY in Houston: Falcons vs Texans
2019-10-06 Highlight: Julio Jones goes UP for snag
2019-10-06 Highlight: Calvin Ridley makes toe-tap grab for 22-yard gain
2019-10-06 Sideline Access: Devonta Freeman dives into the end zone
2019-10-06 Highlight: Devonta Freeman weaves through Texans defense for 9-yard touchdown
2019-10-06 Highlight: Matt Ryan fights through scrum for goal-line touchdown
2019-10-06 Falcons vs. Texans highlights | Week 5
2019-10-07 The End-Around podcast: Falcons tumble in Texas
2019-10-07 Film Session: Falcons vs Texans
2019-10-08 NFLN: Power Rankings | Week 6
2019-10-08 A Tru teammate | Desmond Trufant mic'd up
2019-10-09 NFLN: Falcons vs. Cardinals preview | Week 6
2019-10-09 NFLN: Week 6 win probabilities, score projections
2019-10-09 Quinn previews upcoming matchup with Cardinals, discusses Falcons run game
2019-10-09 Ulbrich speaks on challenges Cardinals offense present, Kyler Murray's dual-threat capabilities
2019-10-10 Ryan breaks down Cardinals defense, discusses mindset for this week
2019-10-10 Bird Noises: Michael Jenkins on The Catch, Holy Buckeye and shoes
2019-10-10 #TBT: Julio Jones jaw-dropping touchdown catch against the Cardinals
2019-10-10 Falcons give back to community in Glendale
2019-10-11 The fight on the road continues | Falcons-Cardinals game trailer
2019-10-11 Julio Jones talks team preparation, bonding ahead of Cardinals matchup
2019-10-12 'NFL 100 Greatest' Characters: Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson
2019-10-13 It’s Gameday in Arizona: Falcons vs Cardinals 
2019-10-13 Highlight: Matty Ice gets game started with 17-yard strike to Julio Jones
2019-10-13 Highlight: Calvin Ridley makes would-be tackler miss on elusive catch-and-run TD
2019-10-13 Sideline Access: Calvin Ridley finds the end zone to give the Falcons the lead 
2019-10-13 Highlight: Devonta Freeman levitates into another stratosphere on odd tackle
2019-10-13 Highlight: Flea-flicker alert! Falcons parlay trick play into 21-yard gain
2019-10-13 'NFL 100 Greatest' Characters: Jerry Glanville
2019-10-13 Sideline Access: Check out this flea-flicker from Ryan to Graham
2019-10-13 Highlight: Matt Ryan hits Austin Hooper in stride for 22-yard gain
2019-10-13 Highlight: Calvin Ridley unleashes wicked move to get open for 23-yard catch
2019-10-13 Sideline Access: Hooper finds the end zone and ties the game
2019-10-13 Highlights: Matt Ryan uncorks 30-yard dime to Austin Hooper 
2019-10-13 Highlight: Ryan beats Cardinals' blitz with TD floater to Freeman 
2019-10-13 Sideline Access: Highlights from Falcons week 6 matchup in Arizona 
2019-10-14 Falcons vs. Cardinals highlights | Week 6
2019-10-14 Matt Ryan: post-game press conference
2019-10-14 The End-Around podcast: Falcons show positive signs in brutal loss
2019-10-14 Dan Quinn: post-game press conference 
2019-10-14 Fullback with the most drip | Keith Smith mic'd up
2019-10-14 Dirk Koetter on Freeman's performance, Hooper's consistency, and continuing to improve on offense
2019-10-14 Dan Quinn speaks on Trufant’s injury status, making plays on third down and Falcons’ offensive efficiency 
2019-10-15 Bosher Crucial Catch
2019-10-15 NFLN: Power Rankings | Week 7
2019-10-15 PFF Top 5 rookies of week 6 | Kendall Sheffield
2019-10-16 Dan Quinn talks personnel, correcting technique, and preparation for Rams
2019-10-16 'He's real about it,' Matt Ryan on Dan Quinn handling Falcons' start
2019-10-16 Bird Noises: Catching up with an all-time Falcons great, Alfred Jenkins
2019-10-17 ‘My thing is to be ready for anything,’ Jones on facing Ramsey and the Rams this Sunday
2019-10-18 HOOP in the house | Rams-Falcons game trailer
2019-10-20 It's Gameday: Rams vs Falcons
2019-10-20 Sideline Access: Matt Ryan finds Julio Jones for a 39-yard gain.
2019-10-20 Can't-Miss Play: Julio BURNS Ramsey for 39-yard deep catch
2019-10-20 Dan Quinn: post-game press conference | Rams vs Falcons
2019-10-20 Rams vs. Falcons highlights | Week 7
2019-10-21 Dirk Koetter on the offensive execution, running back depth
2019-10-22 Every Team's Best Play | Week 7
2019-10-22 Calvin Ridley on the mic 
2019-10-23 Dan Quinn on roster moves, trade rumors, and preparing for Seahawks
2019-10-24 First Down for Fighters
2019-10-24 Ben Kotwica on Christian Blake's role and game plan against Seattle's athletic punter
2019-10-24 Julio Jones on Sanu trade, the Falcons' offense and emotions after the game
2019-10-25 Roddy White catches 47-yd BOMB against Seahawks | Seahawks-Falcons game trailer
2019-10-27 It's Gameday: Seahawks vs Falcons 
2019-10-27 'NFL 100 Greatest' Game Changers: Deion Sanders
2019-10-27 Highlight: Brian Hill weaves through 'Hawks D for 23-yard TD run
2019-10-27 Highlight: Calvin Ridley uses insane vertical leap to bring down Schaub's throw for two-point conversion
2019-10-27 Highlight: Falcons D swallows up Wilson for first sack of the game
2019-10-27 Sideline Access: Brian Hill runs through Seahawks defense for a touchdown
2019-10-27 Sideline Access: Grady Jarrett sacks Russell Wilson
2019-10-27 Highlight: Julio Jones goes up over the middle for impressive airborne grab
2019-10-27 Sideline Access:  Calvin Ridley makes an impressive catch
2019-10-27 Highlight: Calvin Ridley exits the game after incredible circus catch
2019-10-27 Highlight: Austin Hooper posts up on K.J. Wright for late TD grab
2019-10-27 Sideline Access: Austin Hooper scores a touchdown
2019-10-27 Seahawks vs. Falcons highlights | Week 8
2019-10-27 Dan Quinn postgame press conference | Seahawks-Falcons
2019-10-27 Every catch from Julio Jones' 152-yard game | Week 8
2019-10-27 Arthur Blank's thoughts on 1-7 start 
2019-10-27 The End-Around podcast: Falcons wrap up a disappointing first half of season
2019-10-28 Film Session: Seahawks vs Falcons 
2019-10-28 Podcast, Week 8: Talkin' Seahawks, Schaub and a six-game slide
2019-10-29 Top 10 Falcons plays at midway point of 2019
2019-10-29 Falcons rookies visit children's hospital in Halloween costumes
2019-10-30 AUSTIN HOOPER | Best of Austin Hooper through week 8
2019-10-30 Falcons best of Mic'd Up: First half of the season 
2019-10-31 CALVIN RIDLEY | Best of Calvin Ridley through week 8