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White on Receivers: 'This Is The Best I've Been Around'


Roddy White has seen his share of offensive coordinators in his seven seasons in the NFL. What he's seeing currently with the system that new coordinator Dirk Koetter is installing excites him. So much so that he thinks the combined degree of talent and coaching is the best he's played with.

"We look real good right now, I'm not going to lie," White said of the offense on Wednesday during Atlanta's minicamp. "The past three or four years, this is the best I've been around since I've been here and seen the cumulative group on the field."

Atlanta's defense is under new controls as well with Mike Nolan and the early practices of minicamp and OTAs appeared to have the defense progressing quicker than the offense. Things opened up in the practice of the passing game for the Falcons on Wednesday's practice and things got a little more even. Atlanta's top four wide receivers were making nearly every catch look routine.

"Defense for the first couple of days, they pretty much handed it to us," White said. "It was about time we came out here and made some plays. We've been coming out here the last couple of days and doing some good things. We're catching a lot of balls. It's the first offseason of Julio (Jones). He's doing an excellent job out there. Harry's (Douglas) doing good. We're rolling right now and Kerry's (Meier) stepping up."

One of the primary goals of Koetter's as he's introduced his offense to the Falcons is to work with the strengths of the players he has on the roster while doing everything he can to hide and minimize their weaknesses. Koetter has tried to introduce new concepts within the framework of what the Falcons have already been running since so much of the personnel is the same. White said Koetter's also allowed the players to have input into the system.

"Dirk's made it easy," he said. "He's come in here and he has things that he likes to do and we have things that we like to do. We've just put it together and we're rolling. Everybody has bought into the system and we're just going to keep rolling, fixing old things, inputting new things and keep working at them."

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