What You Don't Know About: WR Roddy White

Longtime veteran wide receiver Roddy White had seven touchdowns throughout the 2014 season. Look back at his best photos of 2014.

Want to know more about No. 84 than what you see on the football field? Here are seven interesting facts to know about WR Roddy White:



Roddy didn't spend too much time in the kitchen watching his mother cook growing up; he was too busy playing outside. He credits this as the reason for his previous lack of cooking knowledge. But, this all changed when the talented wide receiver decided to go to cooking school. While at school, he learned the value in knowing what spices can go together. His favorite meal to cook is breakfast, where he makes a mean French toast.



According to Mr. White himself, his bowling average ranges between 180-190, which clearly makes him the best bowler on the team. He tries to bowl once a week, preferably on his off day.



His biggest role model and greatest inspiration in life is his mother. When Roddy's mom got married in July of 2014, he made sure to be the one that walked her down the aisle.

Roddy didn't just excel on the football field in high school; he was also a great wrestler. During his junior year, he won a state championship at James Island High School in Charleston, South Carolina where he was awarded a ring. You might ask what did he do with the ring? He got it sized and gave it to his mom.




The two played together for a year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2004, where Hunt was the backup quarterback.


If you want to find Roddy before any home game, go to Waffle House. His order: chicken breast, double order of hash browns and raisin toast.


Roddy wakes up every morning with motivation to be the best dad that he can possibly be. His kids are his greatest achievement in life.

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