What You Don't Know About: LB O'Brien Schofield


The Falcons signed O'Brien Schofield this March and the linebacker has made an impression from the start. Here are five things you might not know about O'Brien Schofield:
1. He is the master of the "Dirty Bird" dance

The story behind the "Dirty Bird" dance: O'Brien wanted to bring his version of the dance since the day he signed with Atlanta, and has done exactly that. You can expect to see the dance when O'Brien's name is announced at home games coming out of the tunnel. Also, O'Brien promised that when you see a #SchoSack, you'll see the dance.

...And clearly his son is picking up on his dad's dance moves:

2. He used to produce musicO'Brien can really do it all. He used to produce and write his own rap music.

3. He met his wife at photo shoot
While promoting his music, O'Brien did a photo shoot to promote his work. At the shoot, O'Brien met his wife, who used to model. The couple have been together ever since.

4. He has an extensive belt collection
Let's just say O'Brien has quite a few nice belts in his closet.

5. He is a family manO'Brien has all of his kids tattooed on his arm.

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