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What They Said: Falcons vs. Seahawks


Falcons head coach Mike Smith on the feelings after the win: "I'm very happy for our football team, 61 guys in there are on our football team and 53 on our active roster and then the eight practice squad guys. I'm happy for the entire organization. My mind goes right to we get to get ready and we've got to figure out how we're going to play better than we did in the second half of the ballgame today. That's where my mindset is. It's already flipped the switch. We've got a good football team. I had an opportunity to watch them last night. We've got a good football team coming in here. I'm happy for fans here in Atlanta as well."

Defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux on defending mobile quarterbacks: "It's just part of the game. Our job is to bring the quarterback down no matter his style of play. Obviously a mobile quarterback can make that task a bit more difficult, but we made enough plays to win tonight."

Kicker Matt Bryant on getting another shot to win the game: "You could feel it. I told the guys earlier when they scored the touchdown, 'We've done this before.' And sure enough, we did it again. It's a great feeling."

Matt Ryan on his comments in the huddle before the final drive: "It's kind of the same message that I say in those situations every time I go out there. It's not a big ffire and brimstone speech. It's more of just, 'let's go out there and do our job. We've got time, we've got the timeouts, we need to execute.' I thought everyone did a great job of that today."

William Moore on proving everyone wrong: "I think it says a lot in terms of proving people wrong. We take great job in showing the world we can play with anybody. We knew coming into this game it would be tough to get the win. We knew they would put maximum effort and give us a tough match up. I'm more excited about the fact that we will get another chance to lace up the cleats and continue to try to win ballgames."

Roddy White on his conversation with Richard Sherman after the 47-yard touchdown: "He's a talker. He's a bit of a talker, so I just asked him to talk to me for a little while. He didn't have too much to say after that play, so he kind of walked to the sidelines. Other than that, that was about it."

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