What They Said: Falcons at Texans

WR Roddy White on what to judge from preseason games: "Nothing. You get nothing out of exhibition games except for a lot of peoples conditioning, what shape they are in, and if they are able to go 60 plays or not. You learn how far your young guys have to go, grasping concepts and things you want them to do, but other than that the veterans go out and play. Everybody just tries to get through this thing and try to stay healthy as possible and make it to game one. Like today, our left tackle got hurt and we don't know if he is going to be ready for the season or not. It's stuff like that, that tells you a lot about these games. I know you can get hurt at practice but playing unmeaningful games and getting your left tackle hurt, I just don't know. I don't know what you judge from these preseason games. I'm not a fan about them, but we have to play them. So you have to go out and do what you have to do."

QB Matt Ryan on the first-team struggles: "We had a couple of opportunities on some third downs and we didn't convert as many as we needed to to keep those drives going. I thought we ran the ball pretty effectively, but had a few plays here and there that got us off schedule, and when you do that against a good defense, it's tough to overcome those mistakes. We had opportunities to make plays — we just didn't make them, but those are things that I think, moving forward, as we get ready for preseason game three, we can correct."

Ryan on getting WR Julio Jones back on the field: "I think Julio looked good. It's good to have him back. Obviously, he's a dynamic player for our offense and somebody that we feel like is a game-changer, so I thought he did a nice job out there tonight. Certainly, I think there will be improvement from all of us from Week 2 to Week 3, but I think it was a good start."

S William Moore on game-planning this week: "We didn't match the intensity and those guys came out fired up and ready to play and I feel like we didn't come out (the same) from the first quarter, but you've got to remember that we didn't game-plan these guys. Next week, we'll get the opportunity to game plan and that's very important in the NFL."

Moore on what the team needs to do to improve: "As a team we have to finish and come out the first quarter. There's not much you can take from a preseason game because you are trying to find which guys will make the roster. At the same time we have to come out from the beginning to the end throughout the whole season. No one is going to take it light on us."

OT Lamar Holmes on his progression from last year: "You know how Coach Tice is. He brought different elements to my game and showed me things that I can do in my pass sets. He's helping me add tools to my toolbox."

CB Robert Alford on the adjustments to referees calling defensive holding: "It's a major adjustment. Some days we need to go back and look. It's the league and you've got to abide by the rules and do everything right. We'll just go back Monday and see the things that we need to improve on."

CB Desmond Trufant on how much film can help adjust to defensive holding calls: "It's very crucial. I'm a big, big film guy, technique guy, so I've just got to look at the play, just break it down slowly and just improve — and I'm gonna definitely improve."

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