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What They Said: Falcons at Ravens

Head coach Mike Smith on Thursday's performance: "Our goal tonight was to improve in the areas that we felt like we needed to improve from week 1. I thought that we did that. There were some things in the Cincinnati (Bengals) game that we wanted to make sure that we addressed. We wanted to improve our run game; I thought we did a nice job of running the ball in the first half. We did a good job with the pass protection as well. We're a team that prides itself on not being penalized, and we had way too many penalties in the ball game. I think we had nine penalties, a lot of procedural penalties that need to get corrected."

Smith on the running game: "It was something that we wanted to improve on as a football team from week 1 to week 2. I thought that we did a nice job in running the football, especially with that first group."

Smith on Atlanta's first-half defense: "I think we played very well except we gave up one explosive play.  That was a very long explosive play. When the ball is thrown for six or seven yards on a quick slant.  Ideally you want to get the guy on the ground before he runs 70-plus yards, but I thought they did a very nice job.  I think they did a very good job on stopping the run.  The statistics were certainly in our favor but again it's a 60-minute game.  It's a four-quarter game and we're all playing to win.  We didn't get that done tonight, but I am encouraged that we were able to go through this evaluation process and see improvement from week 1 to week 2."

Matt Ryan on playing with Julio Jones: "Julio's a great player.  One of the best in the league, and when he's on the field, we're a better football team.  I thought he did a great job, and we've got a lot of weapons that can make plays.  And Julio made a few for us in the first couple series."

Ryan on the right side of the offensive line: "I thought Lamar (Holmes) and Garrett (Reynolds) played really really well.  To me it's (the Ravens defense) is one of the best in the league and specifically probably one of the best front seven in the league.  And I thought our guys came out and played tough, played physical, played smart, and did a great job of executing." 

Julio Jones on beginning his third season in the NFL: "Of course, I have more experience coming into my third year, and I feel a little more comfortable.  It's kind of like knowing the material, and everything is so much easier for me now."

Steven Jackson on sucess running the ball against the Ravens: "Having success tonight is great for our confidence. We feel we have the potential to run the ball well every week. The key is to keep getting better. Every preseason game presents a different challenge and a chance to improve. After tonight we can work on what we need to."

Rookie linebacker Paul Worrilow on his first sack: "It was exciting to get a sack against the Ravens, especially since I'm from Delaware (former Deleware teammate Gino Gradkowski was in at QB). Anytime your number gets called in a situation like that you want to make the play. It felt good to do that. I'm learning more every day, and trying to pick up as much as I can from my teammates."

Quarterback Dominique Davis on his night passing the ball: "The execution is the key. I was recognizing what they were giving us, and that's what I concentrated on. A lot of those passes were just check off for the running backs, and they went for a lot of yards. We have a lot of guys that can catch the ball in the back field, and break away for a run."

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