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What They're Saying: Raiders Discuss Falcons

Head coach Jack Del Rio

On where his team is at heading into Sunday:
"I feel like we are dialing in the Falcons. We know that we have a good football team coming in and we are excited to get our second game going. We're glad to be at home. We look forward to the challenge."

On how to stop Julio Jones:
"A lot of people have tried to figure that out. We'll get ourselves prepared and we look forward to competing against him. He's a heck of a player."

On what he's seen from Atlanta's defense under Quinn:
"They've got some speed on their defense. They play hard. They attack the ball. I think they do a good job. I was with Richard Smith up in Denver. I've got a lot of respect for Richard and I know he does a great job with those guys."

On Desmond Trufant and his matchup with Amari Cooper:
"He's a good player. I loved him years ago when he was a good player. He's been a good player for a while now. That will be a good matchup. We look forward to the challenges that we have coming in on Sunday."

On Matt Ryan:
"He's one of the really good quarterbacks that are in our league. We fortunate because we have a good one, too. Matt is a terrific football player. He's got some serious weapons. He does a great job with those guys. We just want to do all we can to slow him down. Every week you're going to have challenge coming in. We started off with Drew Brees and he was red hot and I'm sure Matt saw that tape. We are going to have to make sure that we close some of those gaps up."

Quarterback Derek Carr

On how important it is to run the football:
"I always talk about how important it is. I said it at the beginning of the year, I don't care if I throw 10 touchdowns. I don't care if that was the last touchdown I throw. If we can run the ball and we win games, I could care less. My job is to help put us in the right situations and win. That's it. Having those three and then you add 'Maze' (Jamize Olawale) to it, and then when we get 'Cel' (Marcel Reece) back. Especially with those young guys coming on, it's like man, we could throw them all out there and once and run the Wing-T. (laughter) We might do that. But, I think that having that is just so good for this team. No matter what the situation is, if you can run the ball, it's always good."

On if his team has a certain swagger now that it didn't have in the past:
"Yeah, I would say that we have a different kind of confidence. From the top down, from everybody. From all the way up, to the guy on practice squad trying to make his way. Everyone on this team is so confident in what we can do. It's not arrogant, it's not that we think we're better than anybody. We respect every team that we play. At the same time, we know the work we've put in. We know how to compete. Like Coach [Del Rio] said, we're learning how to win. We love what we've done, but I think it's just the confidence level that everybody has. Like if we do the right things and we take care of our business, then we're going to put ourselves at the end of games with our chance to win."

On the tone he wants his team to have:
"Honestly, the tone I want us to set is just win. That's it. 'By any means,' as Khalil Mack says. By any means, let's just get the win. I don't care what it looks like, I don't care how we do it, I don't care who has the biggest moment in the game. None of us do. We just want to win. There's nothing like winning and getting on that plane and flying home with a win. Your body is beat up, but it feels a little better when you win."

Wide receiver Amari Cooper

On how he prepares for a game when a cornerback is going to shadow him:
"If I know that beforehand, I'll just watch as much film as I can on him. If I don't know if someone is following me, I have to watch everybody in the whole coverage. If (Desmond Trufant) is going to be following me, that means most likely they are going to be in a lot of man. So, I'll just study him and see what he's good at and what he's not good at."

On his relationship with Julio Jones:
"Julio, he's given me a lot of advice over the years. Of course I never played with him at Alabama because he's older than I am, but he comes back often and we talk sometimes. He gives me good advice. For example, when he came and watched me play when I was at Alabama, he'd give me little tips about what I should do against this coverage, and this cornerback. … He's a great player."

Cornerback David Amerson

On Atlanta's offense:
"I think they (Atlanta) have a good, balanced offense. They have a good run game that really sets up the pass, a lot of play actions, stepping up the linebackers and trying to bang it in behind them, stuff like that. I think he gets a lot of his yards like that, and when you have a freak outside like Julio (Jones), sometimes he'll just lob it up for 60 yards, and he goes and makes a play. I think for years he's been striving on little things like that."

On matching up with Jones:
"I feel like bigger receivers, for me, are better matchups for me, because things that they're good at are things that I feel like I'm good at. Stuff like going up and getting the ball, or playing the ball at the highest point, or (being) physical off the line, so it kind of matches up compared to a faster, shiftier, speedier guy."

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