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What They're Saying: Carroll, Wilson Talk Falcons

Pete Carroll

On what he's seen from the Falcons so far in 2016:
"Well I think they're on fire right now. They're playing together really well; they're playing as a team. It's complementary football with both sides coming through. They're taking care of (the football), turning it over (on defense) like you want. The team is really tough. The skill guys are good, as are the special teams. It's obviously highlighted by the offense and how they're firing on all cylinders. It's pretty impressive."

On if defending Atlanta's offense is a "pick your poison" scenario:
"Oh, yeah. It doesn't help us at all. It makes it really hard. They're running the ball well enough and doing a good job protecting the quarterback, so everybody's available in the throwing game."

On Dan Quinn's defense and how it's performed of late:
"I think they're doing a really good job. They've had to overcome some injuries that really calls on your depth and teaching during the week. Really, to adjust like they have, and play such a good game in Denver against a terrific football team, it was really a great indicator that they got their act together."

On the Falcons' ability to overcome injuries, and if the versatility their defense has shown is what he's used to seeing from a unit led by Quinn:
"Oh yeah, and a lot more. When he gets all his guys all going, it'll just continue to grow. I thought (last week's win) was a great indication of coaching. And (defensive coordinator) Richard (Smith) helped keep those guys together with all the changes they had. And to put it up against an undefeated team too and knock them down — that was really impressive."

On how special it is to face off against Quinn, his former defensive coordinator:
"Well, it's really fun. I never like anything more than playing against guys I know really well, competing against guys that I know. I think the world of Dan and the other guys on the staff that we know as well. It's a great thrill to play against these guys. We're looking forward to it, and it's going to be a lot of fun."

Russell Wilson

On his impressive of the Falcons and their recent success:
"Great football team, they're playing great all the way around. Dan Quinn, coach Quinn, I have tons of respect for him and what he does and how he coaches the game. I used to love coach Quinn because he was such a hard-working person, a person that was a player's coach and all that. So I have tons of respect for him and how he's doing it, and it's no wonder why they're being successful and why the players are playing at a high level."

On the Falcons' defense:
"You think about the players that they have — Vic Beasley played a great game last week. He's really coming along; he's really athletic, a fast player, can cause havoc and make plays. Obviously you have so many other great players as well. You have Dwight Freeney too coming off the edge who can cause a lot of havoc. He's been doing it for tons of years. So you have tons of respect for who they are. They have so many different guys coming into the game. Obviously you have Jonathan Babineaux, who has played great football for a long time for the Atlanta Falcons, who has been a physical, athletic player. So there are a lot of guy I could mention, but those guys really stand out and make a lot of plays."

On Desmond Trufant:
"Well he's athletic as can be. That whole family can play football. But as athletic as can be. He makes smart decisions, he's instinctive. So those are the things you've seen ever since college, and since he's been in the NFL, he's shown that he can do that at a high, high level."

On if his familiarity with Quinn's scheme gives him an edge:
"I don't necessarily think it's an edge, I think it's an understanding of what they're trying to do. They do it really, really well and they have great players, and their players really step up to the challenge. And they've been showing that all year. Like I said, we have a tough challenge, and we're looking forward to the game, looking forward to the matchup. You just have to play one play at a time, and hopefully we can make something happen."

On Quinn's relationship with Carroll:
"Well coach Carroll and coach Quinn, they're really close obviously. Coach Carroll is a tremendous football coach, one of the best in the National Football League in my opinion. And coach Quinn is showing that too as well, and he demonstrates that on and off the field. Coach Quinn is an amazing person, an amazing man and also an amazing coach, so I have tons of respect for him and how they approach the game."

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