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What They're Saying: Aaron Rodgers Talks Falcons

Head coach Mike McCarthy

On what he's seen from Julio Jones this year:
"Julio is having a great season so far. I know I'm stating the obvious. When you are watching the game tape you have to sometimes stop because you think you're watching a highlight reel. He's doing it all whether if it's yards after the catch or the deep ball. He's off to an incredible start this year."

On the specific problems Jones presents Green Bay's secondary:
"I think he's a complete receiver. If you go through the checklist of what you need to do to be successful, when you look at the short to intermediate routes, he's a good route runner. His ability to go up (to the) high-point and catch the football. (He's) getting out of breaks and he has the big-time vertical speed. He can beat you deep and just the physicality with the yards after the catch."

On defending an aggressive offense like Atlanta's:
"That is part of the challenge. Their offensive numbers speak for themselves. They have the ability to run it and throw it. I think more than anything it starts up front and with the quarterback Matt Ryan. Matt is playing great football right now. His numbers are outstanding. When you look at the offensive line, in particular the core, the center and the two guards, you've got good veteran leadership. The tackles are playing very well. We have a lot of respect for the coordination of their offensive line. They are very fundamentally sound. Discipline in their techniques. I think it definitely starts with those guys because of the ability to run the ball. The play-action passes come off the run. That's been a real benefit for them."

On Atlanta's young defense:
"It's a good defense. I think they are fundamentally sound. They fly around to the football. You can see that they are definitely well-coordinated. ... The thing that jumps off the film is the edge pressure that they get and the number of fumbles caused on the quarterback, especially at home. This is a group that, when you see all of the players play to the same tempo and discipline, it's a real credit to their defensive coordinator and their coaches."

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

On how he approaches Atlanta's defense:
"It's about execution when you're playing good defenses. Atlanta has a lot of young guys playing, but they're playing very well. They've got a good pass-rush, they have two very good corners, (Robert) Alford and (Desmond) Trufant, and some young guys who are doing a really good job as well — (Brian) Poole and (Ricardo) Allen and (Keanu) Neal. Neal is making a lot of plays. So it's about efficiency in the passing game. Phil (Rivers) made some good throws in the passing game last week and did a good job of making plays when they needed to. Anytime you're playing an offense with Matt (Ryan) the way he's playing, and obviously Julio and the weapons they have, you're going to have to find a way to be efficient."

On Ryan and his recent success:
"I think he's one of the good guys. I think he's one of the elite guys as well. He's had a great year playing excellent, making great throws. He and Julio have a great connection, but he's been getting the other guys involved as well. Two good backs who can stretch the field in the run game and the passing game, and it's fun to see Matt doing well. I look forward to seeing him."

On Vic Beasley Jr.:
"Vic is playing great. He's a high-motor guy, very athletic, a second- and third-effort player. But also strong enough at the point to bull (rush), to (move from) speed to power, to speed to spin. I would guess having a vet in the group like Dwight would help all those guys because Dwight has a wealth of knowledge and moves over the years. Passing that stuff along has probably been really good for him. But yeah, (Beasley) is a guy you have to account for on every play. He's a difference-maker."

On the speed on Atlanta's defense:
"That's definitely something that jumps out. You've got the type of team they want on the turf there: Athletic, fast and doing a good job with tackling. A lot of young guys playing, so just in general, you look at the year of players, you'd maybe expect more lapses in coverages or guys missing plays, but you're not seeing that on the film, I don't think. You're seeing the high effort, the guys flying around the field."

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