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What's Quinn Expecting From Rookies at Camp?

The main theme of Coach Dan Quinn's program is competition, so for every player who participated in minicamp on Friday, that was an expectation, not an option.

What Quinn is looking for out of these guys in particular is their intensity level.

"I just want to see the intensity," Quinn said of his expectations for rookie minicamp. "I want to feel the effort from them. There's so much they are going to learn, so I understand there are going to be mistakes that go with that. Past that, I want to see guys compete and going for it."

Quinn was pleased with what he saw on the football field today, and he's challenging each and every one of the players to give the type of performances that leave lasting impressions.

"This is their opportunity to come put their best foot forward," Quinn said. "So many of those guys did that today. I'm thrilled with the work they put on today."

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