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What's In A Number?


The 2011 Atlanta Falcons Draft class has had a wild few days. From the uncertainty of where they'll end up, to finding out, to trying to figure out all the logistics behind, in some cases, a cross-country move, the six rookies on the roster have most definitely found themselves to be quite busy since the Falcons called their names in the 2011 NFL Draft.

Most fans, however, were more concerned about what jersey numbers each of the rookies would be wearing with the Falcons. A valid curiosity.

During his introductory news conference, Alabama wide receiver Julio Jones was asked about what number he would wear with the Falcons since his college number, No. 8, isn't allowed to be worn by wide receivers per NFL rules (not to mention it's also spoken for by quarterback Chris Redman). Jones, now famously, said, "It doesn't matter. The person makes the number."

You've gotta love that answer, but within 48 hours of being drafted, Jones was posed the question a second time — this time, by the Falcons equipment staff, who needed a more specific answer.

In the end, Jones chose to wear No. 11 — signifying the year he was drafted. You can purchase a Julio Jones Falcons jersey by clicking here.

As more draft picks were selected, they were also faced with the same question. For only one member of the Falcons' draft class, the answer was easy. Offensive lineman and seventh-round selection Andrew Jackson went with his college number, No. 69, for his Falcons jersey. For everyone else, however, the decision wasn't so easy.

NFL rules for jersey numbers can be tricky. They are as follows:

QB/K/P — 1-19 * RB — 20-49 * WR — 10-19, 80-89 * TE — 40-49, 80-89 * OL — 50-79 * DL — 50-79, 90-99 * LB — 50-59, 90-99 * CB — 20-49 * S — 20-49

Third-round pick, Georgia linebacker Akeem Dent, seems to have gotten past those rules

Got the update on Dent. The Falcons are fresh out of jerseys in the 50s and 90s ranges, so Dent is allowed to wear a number in the 40s, which is also the case with linebacker Bear Woods.

Fifth-round Oregon State running back Jacquizz Rodgers wore No. 1 in college, but will wear No. 22 with the Falcons.

Miami punter, Matt Bosher, who was selected in the sixth round, will wear No. 5 after wearing No. 25 in college, and seventh-round defensive end from South Carolina, Cliff Matthews, makes the change from No. 83 in college to No. 93 with the Falcons.

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