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What Does RB Freeman Do in the Offseason?

1. Working out with local high school football players in Miami

Freeman, a known commodity in Miami, brings high school kids to work out with him and rewards them to a nice lunch or dinner.

"I know a lot of kids in the high school area and stuff like that and we'll just go work out," Freeman said. "In Miami, you got the beach, you got the hills, I keep cones with me. It's just what everyone else is doing."

2. Attending Hawks games

The Pro Bowl running back has been spotted* *at several Hawks games lately showing his support for other Atlanta sports teams.

It's all about the guys in the back of us 😂😂😂

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3. Going zip-lining

For his 23rd birthday, Freeman celebrated by going zip-lining in Georgia.

"It was fun but scary at the same time," Freeman said of his recent adventure.

4. Visiting Disney World on Easter

Freeman says that Orlando is one of his favorite "spots" in the world.

"I went to Disney World; I was upset I couldn't get an express pass," Freeman said of his trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

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