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Watch the Falcons Online in HD in 2012 With Game Pass

watchfalconsonlinejpg.jpg and the NFL are enhancing the online experience of Falcons fans, giving you the opportunity to get in on all the action from the 2012 season right from your computer or mobile device.

This year, fans can watch all four of the Falcons' preseason games, along with all of the NFL's preseason games this season, live as they happen or on-demand in high-definition with Preseason Live. The service will allow fans the ability to watch from their laptops or iOS or Android devices for $19.99, which is $10 less than the price last season.

With Preseason Live, fans who live outside the Atlanta market and otherwise don't have access to the Falcons' preseason slate can watch full games on-demand or choose the condensed version, which includes every play from each preseason game, commercial-free, in about 30 minutes. Fans can even watch two games with the Picture-in-Picture feature or four games, all at once.

If those four weeks aren't enough, and the NFL are offering Game Rewind for the regular season, which allows fans to replay every single NFL game online in HD. Also featuring the condensed mode option, fans can see every play, penalty, coaches challenge and plays up for review in about 30 minutes.

Games played in 2012 will be available online to view as soon as each game is finished, while games played during the 2009, 2010 and 2011 seasons are available for viewing immediately.

And for the first time ever with the Game Rewind package, fans will get access to the "Coaches Film," game footage from angles coaches and scouts use to study and analyze players and games.

International fans can subscribe to Game Pass, a feature that allows fans all over the world to watch NFL games live in HD with DVR controls.

In 2012, it'll be easier than ever to follow the Falcons no matter where you are.

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