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WATCH: Mohamed Sanu reveals early pre-game shoe selection

ATLANTA, Ga. – If you've watched Mohamed Sanu at all over the past year and a half, you've seen him rock some swagged-out cleats.

Cleats are Sanu's "thing" per say on gameday. The receiver wears colorful cleats during the period just prior to the pre-game warmup. Sanu has one of the biggest personalities on the team and his cleat selection gives him an opportunity show that off.

Every week leading up to gameday, Sanu will join writer Kelsey Conway for an episode of "Shoe Talk" where he will reveal the cleats he'll be wearing that week and explain his logic behind the design.

For Week 1, Sanu will be wearing shoes that he calls the "Hellboy" edition, based off his love for superheroes. To see the cleats up close, take a peek below:

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