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USO Tour Prompts Special Moment for DT Jarrett

Grady Jarrett, Paul Worrilow, Vic Beasley, Jr., Matt Bryant and head coach Dan Quinn traveled overseas to participate in a USO tour.

Not long ago Grady Jarrett spent time inking his name on several Atlanta Falcons football helmets for the organization's annual autograph day.

An opportunity for Jarrett to sign his name yet again occurred last week on the USO tour he participated in, and it could very well be one of the most impactful moments in his life.


"I had to take a little moment," Jarrett said of when he was asked to sign military members' helmets. "I was just thankful for the opportunity. It's just crazy the impact you can have on people's lives and the people you come in contact with through the game and the platform. It was pretty cool to me."

This specific moment stood out to Jarrett because it was another opportunity for him to interact with a group of people he admires, his favorite part of the trip.

Upon his return, Jarrett spent time reflecting on the special moments and the experience of a lifetime that taught him a lesson he will never forget.

"I really learned a lot about really being grateful and not taking anything for granted as far as our freedom and everyday life goes," Jarrett said.

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