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Travian Robertson's Goal: Affect The Quarterback


Most drafted players out of college have flaws and Travian Robertson's was that he was a run-stopping, middle-clogging type of defensive tackle. The 2012 seventh-round pick has been using the Falcons coaching staff to change that perception.

The very large young lineman says being a better pass rusher is something he's focused on during this preseason. The coaching directions he's been given is to just get pressure on the pocket and so far during the exhibition season, he's flashed an ability to do just that.

"It's a personal goal for me to get my pass rush game up," Robertson said. "The coaches have been working on me to make sure I am able to just affect the quarterback, maybe not get a sack every play, but just affect him somehow, someway, knocking him back, getting in his face someway. I'm working on that and try to do that on every passing down also."

The consistency part of pushing the man in front of him back is what Robertson is looking for. Instead of flashing a dominant ability in the middle, he wants to bring it on every play. He's hoping to use the potential extended playing time against the Jaguars on Thursday night to further show off what he's working on.

"I'm looking forward to it," he said. "It's the last part of the interview, basically. I'm trying to clean up everything and work on everything the coaches are telling me to work on. It's probably my last chance to put everything out on film and show them I can really do it."

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