Transcripts: Smith, Ryan Press Conferences

Head coach Mike SmithOpening Statement:

"We obviously came up short in today's game. The score was not what we wanted it to be. We would like to have one more point than they did. We didn't finish. We didn't get the plays that we needed to make at the end of the game, nor did we make some plays earlier in the ball game. Our goal's not going to change. Our goal's going to be the same next week. We're going to have to go back out and prepare for a very good Arizona team that'll be coming in here next week. With that I'll open it up for questions."

On the Browns last drive:

"(There were) 44 seconds left in the ball game, our objectives were we knew they were playing for a field goal, and it was going to be a challenge situation, especially when they got around the 50-yard line. What we mean by challenge situation is that we were going to have to play a little tighter coverage. We needed to keep them out of field goal range, and that's something that we did not do."

On why he called the timeout on third and two:

"Well, we wanted to get our best play for third and two, to try and earn the first down. That was our thought. We were right on the edge, in terms of where we wanted to be, in terms of field goal. We wanted to get a first down. The look that they gave us said to throw the ball; we did, and we didn't convert it."

On whether Matt Ryan was off today:

"We need all of us to be at the top of our game to win, not just our quarterback, we all need to be. We did not stop the run in the second half of the ball game. We gave up a 23 and a 20-yard run, missed tackles on one of them, two missed tackles on the touchdown run. Then, we lost leverage and didn't keep the edge; we stuffed the line and the ball bounced outside and we didn't have the proper leverage. We got to play better as a whole."

On whether the inconsistency is frustrating:

"It's very frustrating when you don't play consistent football. You train all week; these guys work extremely hard. The players, the coaches, we train and we have an opportunity to play once a week. When you don't play consistently you're not going to get the outcome that you want. We were inconsistent as a football team, basically on both sides of the ball. There were some very good things, and some very good plays, but when you're not consistent you're not going to make the plays when you need to. That was the case in point today."

On whether he was reluctant on stopping the clock before the field goal:

"Again, you can definitely ask that question; the 53-yarder was definitely outside the range we set prior to the game. We wanted to get a first down, and we felt like we had a play that's why we called the timeout. We came over and used it. They would've used the timeout probably if we hadn't."

On the pass rush:

"I thought it was like the way that we played, and the way that we coached, it was inconsistent. There was some pressure, but there were some times when the quarterback back there was able to throw the ball down the field some."

On the problems Josh Gordon presented:

"Well, Josh Gordon is a very good receiver; he made some plays today in the game. You can tell they're a better football team when they have Josh Gordon out there. That's a dynamic group of receivers, in terms of speed, and when you add Josh Gordon he's a good sized receiver that runs extremely well, and he does create matchup issues."

On the run game:

"We did not run the ball efficiently, especially there in the first half of the ball game. They had been giving up yards. They were not one of the top rushing defenses. They did load the box against us, and when that happens, we need to be able to throw the ball, and be more efficient throwing the ball against a loaded box."

Quarterback Matt RyanOn the Browns' game-winning drive:

"It certainly was tough. From an offensive standpoint, we had an opportunity to get that first down to get us in better field goal range. Those are those things, when you're low on the clock at the end, you've got to take advantage of with every opportunity that you have. Offensively, we would have liked to have converted the third down and see what happens then. In this League, when there's time left on the clock you never know what is going to happen. I give credit to Cleveland; they made some great plays down the stretch."

What was the biggest problem trying to run the ball today:

"We didn't get into a very good rhythm offensively. It was kind of choppy the entire game. Especially in the run game, rhythm is huge. For whatever reason, we just couldn't get it going. We'll have to look at the film and see what happened."

How do you guys plan to proceed from here:

"We've got to put this one behind us tonight and focus on winning next week. Really, at this point, I think it's that simple. We can't worry about all the other stuff that can happen or what has transpired up until this point. We really have to block that out. We really have to focus on having a great week of practice, making sure across the board we're as prepared as we can be. So then next Sunday at the four o'clock game we are ready to roll."

With the last couple plays, what was the team trying to accomplish:

"I think, in that situation, we wanted to make sure that we made the right call. As a player, I think it comes down to execution. You have to go out there and you have to make the play. We didn't do that, I didn't do that."

Talk about the play you had there at the end:

"I mean, it was a good situation, one on one with Dev (Devin Hester).  I felt like we had an opportunity to get it down the field. I probably should have given him a better chance at it.  I didn't throw it the way I probably should have. In situations like that, when you have opportunities to close things out or to make plays, you've got to make them.  I didn't do a good enough job of that."

Did you think about making a short play then:

"Just the way it was set up, we had kind of a different thing going on the other side. We thought if we had one on one it was a good match up for us."

Why do you think timing was off:

"I don't think it was on anyone but myself, from a rhythm standpoint. I didn't get into a good rhythm today. I think we had chances to make some plays. I think we did a good job on third downs; we were efficient there and made some good plays. We were good in the red zone but at different points of the game, we had some shots down the field. I didn't throw well enough. When you're playing against a good football team, which Cleveland is, you've got to hit them. We didn't do that today."

Which play hurt you the most, besides the one with Devin Hester: "There were a couple to Julio that I felt we had decent leverage. The ball didn't go where it needed."

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