Transcripts: Smith, Ryan Press Conferences

Head coach Mike SmithOpening thoughts:

"Obviously this was not the type of performance that we need to have to win football games. It was very disturbing in a number of areas in what we were able to get accomplished out there on the football field today."

On the defense and the offensive drives today:

"We had a very hard time stopping them whether they ran the football or whether they passed the football. We didn't tackle well and you know you are not going to win games in the NFL if you don't get stops. It was the middle of the third quarter really before we got a stop."

On coming back and not holding the lead:

"We were able to fight back and get a one-point lead and then we went back out on defense and were not able to stop them. They ran the ball, they threw the football and they did basically whatever they wanted to in terms of controlling the line of scrimmage and that is very alarming. The way we have played on the road through the first two games is a big concern because we are going to be getting into a stretch here that we have to be on the road for a number of weeks."

On the run defense:

"We've got to get it corrected right now and we will get it corrected right now. We are not getting off blocks, we are missing tackles, we are not filling correctly, and we aren't gelling as a unit. Everybody has a job to do and a gap to take when you are defending the run and right now we are not defending the run, nor are we defending the pass, very well."

On your linebackers:

"I don't think that our defense is playing very well. It is 11 players out there on the field that have a specific job to do based on the call and we are not executing it effectively and efficiently and doing it in a consistent manner. We have been very inconsistent as you guys can see through these first four games."

On the performance after having 10 days off:

"Whether it is seven days, 10 days or 14 days, when you have a performance like that you take it very hard. You have to take a good hard look at everything that you did over that time and it is a concern. Our concern right now is that we play like we are two different football teams depending on where the location of the game is."

On the injuries today:

"We had a lot of injuries. It was the first time I have ever been in a game where you had four offensive linemen healthy that could go in and play but that is not an excuse. Guys are going to get injured. That happens in every football game, that happens throughout the NFL every week and you have to have the next man up mentality. You cannot concern yourself with injuries. The next man up is going to come in and play."

On the progress seen on the defensive side of the ball:

"I am very disappointed in the consistency, as I mentioned, on the defensive side of the football. We didn't get off the field on third down; we gave up too many plays and no turnovers. Those are the things that are important, winning on third down, creating turnovers and getting stops so it is a concern. Again, I don't think that we are playing very consistent football across the board."

On whether or not progress is seen during the week:

"Yes, I do see progress. Obviously we are out there training and working for the weekend and it did not transfer from what we did on the practice field to what happened in the game today."

On the revamped defense:

"We are not filling properly. In the run game, you don't give up that many yards if you are filling your gap. I think there is time that our pad level is not where it needs to be and we have to definitely become more consistent because there are times that we have played the type of defense that you want your football team to play and there are more times than not that we haven't and we have to get more consistent."

On starting Prince Shembo at linebacker:

"We felt that Prince Shembo deserved the opportunity to start. He has been playing well and we felt it was time to give him the opportunity to do that."

On the fundamental mistakes:

"We physically didn't win the line of scrimmage. We were not consistent in our gap control and those are going to lead to big plays. We had some missed tackles on that first drive. They threw the little quick screen and you have to tackle. We didn't tackle; we gave a 53-yard run. They ran through the middle of our defense, there was no one on the A-gap on one occasion, the big long run."

On missing tackles:

"It's the whole entire way that you're supposed to play the game of football. It is suppose to fit together schematically and we also have to make plays physically. It's both. We have physical mistakes, we have mental mistakes, and I don't believe we have any consistency on the defensive side of the football right now."

Quarterback Matt RyanOn the loss after a brief lead:

"Yeah, tough loss on the road. Certainly brought forth a good effort, but obviously we didn't make enough plays offensively to get the job done. I think everyone is disappointed but we need to put it behind us and learn from it and try to play better next week."

On the offensive line injuries:

"I think during the game you try and do the best you can. I have never, in my six plus seasons of playing, been in this situation where tight ends are in there trying to play offensive tackle. It's part of the deal with a 46-man roster, you only have so many guys suited up. I thought our guys battled, I thought Bear Pascoe and Levine Toilolo did a great job of coming in and trying to do the best they could. Moving forward we'll see. Hopefully the injuries aren't too bad, but you never know. We'll have to adjust, we'll have to move forward and find a way to get it done."

On Antone Smith:

"Antone is an explosive player and this year, even last year, there were so many times where he makes big plays for us. Today the run off-tackle just showcased his skill set, when he gets into the open field he has got incredible speed to be able to take it to the house. He's a big part, and hopefully he will be a big part, in what we do offensively this year. He had a good game today."

On winning shoot-outs:

"Yeah, absolutely we can."

On inconsistencies between home games and road games:

"You know, we just have to play better that's what it comes down to. I think execution is the key to consistency. When you execute at a high level, you play well week in and week out and we haven't gone out there and executed in all three phases the way we need to on the road – for whatever reason. We'll get back to work, look at film and try to make the adjustments, look at the things we didn't do well and hopefully be better at that next week."

On coming back with linemen down:

"When you have tight ends playing offensive line for you it limits what you can do, limits the playbook, but I think our guys battled. I thought Levine stepped in and did a good job. It limits what you can do; it makes things a little bit more difficult. But I think we tried to make the best of that situation."

On moving forward as a leader:

"We're all in it together. Win or lose, we're all in it together. Different games are going to shake out in different ways and sometimes different groups will be asked to carry the load. It's a long year, we've got to stay together, get back to work, trust in what we're doing, and I think we've got the locker room to be able to do that."

On Bridgewater:

"I thought Teddy played very well. He came out and played about as good as you could ask for. Very impressed with him. Really, really, nice guy. Afterwards I said good luck the rest of the way, great job today, and I hoped he was feeling okay."

On Roddy White:

"You know it's some close ones. You know, across the board we had opportunities to make more plays than we did. I thought he did a good job for us today. You know, obviously, limited in practice this last week, coming off the hamstring the week before, I thought he went out there and played really hard, and did a good job for us."

On White and him being 'limited' in practice:

"I think Roddy (White) is one of the guys that I think I have really good chemistry with him. Just from so much experience playing with him. It happens throughout the year, guys are going to be knicked up and won't be able to practice as much but you have to be able to go out there and execute on Sunday regardless."

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