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Transcripts: Falcons vs. Jets

*Head coach Mike Smith  *
*Opening  Statement: * 
"We  simply  came  up  short.    We  are  disappointed  but  we  are  not  discouraged.    Now  we  have  to  use  this   bye  week  to  evaluate  everything  we  do,  keep  on  fighting."

On  the  decision  before  halftime  to  go  for  the  touchdown  and  not  the  field  goal:
"We  felt  like  we  needed  to  score  a  touchdown  in  that  situation.  We  felt  like  we  had  an  opportunity  to  do   it  and  we  didn␣t  get  it  done.  In  hindsight,  it  is  probably  not  the  way  we  wanted  it  to  work  out,  but  that  is   the  decision  that  we  made."

*On  the  offensive  line  being  able  to  hold  up  in  that  situation: *  
"Obviously,  we  thought  that  they  could.    We  didn't  get  it  done  and  we  came  away  with  no  points.    That   was  the  only  time  I  believe  we  were  down  in  the  red  zone  that  we  didn␣t  get  any  points." 

On  missing  tackles  on  the  Jets  last  drive:
"We  didn't  tackle  as  crisply  as  we  needed  to  and  giving  up  that  field  goal  at  the  end  of  the  ball  game." 

On  the  secondary  playing  soft:    
"I   don't   know   if   they   were   playing   soft.      We   didn't   execute   like   we   needed   to,   especially   on   that   last   drive.    There  were  some  opportunities  to  make  some  tackles.    We  were  defending  opposite  of  field  goal,   without  the  challenge,  you  have  to  go  in  and  challenge  the  receivers  when in  that  situation."   

*On  seeing  something  different  they  have  to  work  on: *
"I   saw   that   there   was   some   improvement   in   some   areas.      I   saw   that   there   were   some   things   that   we   need   to   continue   to   work   at,   and   there   were   some   new   things.      We   did   not   cover   kicks   as   well   as   we   have  been  through  the  first  four  games,  and  that  kind  of  popped  up  in  the  ball  game.    We  had  a  blocked   punt,  and  usually  those  are  tell-­‐tale  signs  whether  you  win  or  lose." 

*On  the  urgency  to  win  games:   *
"Well,   there   is   a   sense   of   urgency   every   time   we   go   out   and   play.   We   have   to   not   concern   ourselves   beyond   the   next   week.      First   thing   we   would   like   to   do   is   spend   a   couple   days   in   the   bye   week   on   the   Atlanta  Falcons,  and  then  our  focus  will  switch  to  one  game  at  a  time."

On  everything  going  against  them:    
"I  feel  like  we  are  not  making  the  plays  that  we  need  to  make.    We  are  not  coaching  the  way  we  need  to   coach.    We're  all  in  this  together.    There  is  enough  things  to  look  at  we  all  can  improve  on.    It  is  a  group   effort."

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