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Transcripts: Falcons vs. Giants

Head Coach Mike SmithOpening statement:

"I thought that we rebounded very well from our performance from last week. We didn't play up to our standards and expectations and we knew we would have to play beyond them this week. I thought that we did that in all three phases. I'm really proud of the way these guys bounced back. This game was won in the preparation during the week. They did a great job preparing and we went out and executed in all three phases."

On how the defense attacked the Giants offense today:

"They did a very nice job. We knew that they were going to try and get the running game going. We misfit a couple early. They did a very nice job. I thought our disguise package in the pass game was good. We put pressure on the quarterback. We let them get out to our left a couple times in the first half. We got that corrected in the second half. It was an outstanding effort across the board. That's an explosive football team that last week put up 52 points. I'm really proud of the way the guys played."

On getting off to a slow start the last couple of games:

"We had a very fast start, not only on defense, but I think in all three phases. I'd like to point out our kickoff coverage. RB David Wilson is the leading kickoff returner in the NFL, and we did a nice job. Started the first drive on the 13-yard line, then P Matt Bosher took over in terms of kicking the ball deep with some hang time. I think they had maybe one other return that they got out to the 20-yard line. CB Asante Samuel did a great job on the interception right off the bat. It was a little bit different look. Mike (Nolan) and his staff did an outstanding job in regards to putting the game plan together. It was a look that QB Eli Manning probably hadn't seen from us. It was a very productive and efficient play."

On CB Dominique Franks and S Charles Mitchell stepping in at safety:

"We've got depth on this football team and I think it's shown throughout the season. Dominique came in and played a role at the safety position in a couple of our packages. It was nice to see him be able to do that."

On what the defense did differently this week than in the past week:

"We put a game plan together every week and the guys have to go out and execute it, and we felt they executed it really well today. There is no magic potion. It's about the preparation that goes in that week and going out and executing and that's what we did today."

On the momentum swing on the fourth down plays in the first half:

"Gigantic. Absolutely gigantic. Those three fourth down stops are like turnovers. We know that when you make them as a football team it can change the momentum. It multiplies when you stop them on defense. The guys did a very nice job controlling the line of scrimmage on those fourth downs."

On putting together a complete game like this:

"It's very important. They don't remember what you do in September and October. It's all about December and January. We've been saying we haven't played our best. We haven't played our best game and when we watch the game tomorrow we'll probably will have that same opinion. The guys did a very nice job today across the board in all three phases."

On why the Falcons are so tough to beat in the Georgia Dome:

"I can't pinpoint that. We play very good football when we are at home. We talk about controlling home field. It is the step that you have to take to be successful in this League. It's hard to win on the road. You don't want to give them up when you're at home. I think our guys understand that. Our fans are outstanding. I've said it many times and I'll say it again, they are the best fans in all of football. They know when to cheer and when not to cheer. They are a big part of the success that we have in the Georgia Dome."

Quarterback Matt RyanOn how Asante Samuel's interception created momentum:

"I think that was huge for us. It gave us great field position offensively. We were able to run the ball and punch it in, and that was huge. It was a great start, fast start for us and we were able to keep that momentum throughout the rest of the game."

On what this game means to the public perception of the Falcons:

"That's not something that I think about, or worry about. We still have some things in front of us, in terms of the regular season, that we want to accomplish and get done. That's what I spend my time thinking about."

On the play of the offensive line:

"I thought our offensive line played fantastic. [The Giants] have one of the better front fours in the League and our guys really stepped up to the challenge. I thought in the run game they did a really good job and opened up some holes in the pass game, they played really well. We had one sack, but other than that they did a great job at keeping those guys off of me. I'm really proud of the way those guys played today."

On rebounding with a big win after last week's performance:

"I think it's really important for us, as a football team and as a locker room, to rebound from the way that we played last week. We didn't play our best football but Coach Mike Smith preaches all the time that it's going to happen throughout the course of the season, it's about how you respond in those types of situations. I thought everybody's focus and preparation this week was spot on and it lead to the way we played today."

On the offensive game plan:

"I think that the run game was really crucial for us. Getting that going early, and making their defensive line have to defend both, having to rush the passer and defend the run and the draw was crucial. I thought that Dirk [Koetter] did a great job of mixing it up and making it difficult for their defensive line to get into a rhythm."

On winning 11 straight home games:

"That's been huge for us. Coach Smith does a great job at the beginning of the year of preaching that he wants to win at home, and defending our dome. We've done a good job of that. I think our fans have been awesome. The support has been awesome and they've been loud in the dome. I think that helps when our defense is playing."

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