Transcript: Smith Press Conference

Head coach Mike Smith
Injury Report:

"The only change from yesterday was that Harry Douglas was a limited participant in practice. No practice again for Roddy (White) or Robert Alford. Those guys didn't practice, and the only change was Harry Douglas was a limited participant."

On where he thinks Roddy stands:

"I think that he is making very good progress. He ran extensively on the side. Again, with the extra day I'm confident he's going to be ready to go."

On whether Julio Jones having big games makes others around him better:

"Absolutely. When Julio has a game like he had last week with 189 yards receptions it makes our offense run a lot more efficiently. It allows us to get the ball into other guys' hands. Guys are going to have to look at how they're trying to defend Julio and do it differently because it didn't work that way last week. Julio's an elite receiver and he and Matt where definitely hitting on all cylinders last week."

On what he's telling his defense to focus on:

"Well, we've got to be very sound in our technique, but the thing that you talk to the guys about is you got to be able to cover longer because he's going to extend plays. You have that clock in your mind that a plays going to go six seconds, seven seconds, and it can go upwards of 10, 12, 13 seconds. There was a play in the New England game that went 13 seconds. He can extend plays. He's very athletic, and he's got a very strong arm. If you think you're deep enough, you need to get deeper because he can throw it over your head."

On the young players on the offensive line stepping up:

"They've done a very nice job, especially over the last three weeks. Jake Matthews has really matured and probably played his best ball over the last month of the season. He's going to have a big challenge this week with the outside rushers and the pressure that they can put on. Again, I think once our unit stays together for four or five weeks, they're playing a lot more efficiently. I think Coach Tice and Coach Harman have done an outstanding job of getting these guys prepared. James (Stone) is a very good story, to be a college free agent and starting half of the season in the NFL just speaks volumes of his mentality."

On the Packers ability to score quick:

"We've got to be able to run the football. We've got to start fast. The one thing that they have done all season long is they're starting very fast. Their point differential is unbelievable in terms of the first drive of the game. I know some people talk about trying to hang on in that first quarter, first quarter and a half, we want to match them or exceed their production. It's important. We've started fast for the most part this season, and I think if you can stand up early, and let them know that you're going to be competing with them it helps your confidence."

On playing on Monday night at Lambeau Field:

"Monday night everybody's watching. The whole League, guys and coaches really enjoy playing on Monday night. Of course playing in Lambeau Field, it's an iconic venue, that the fans are great, and it'll be a great atmosphere."

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