Transcript: Smith Press Conference

Head coach Mike SmithOn practice today:

"I think that we started a different scheduling today. We've done it in years past where we go straight through, so our guys are getting off the field a little bit earlier, and we'll have meetings after practice. It's just a little change that we've done in years past about half way through the season. I thought that they adjusted to it well. It forces them to focus a little bit longer because they're on the field for walk-thru and practice and with no break."

On the new practice scheduling:

"It's actually meetings, walk-thru, practice, meetings, and in the past we've gone meetings walk-thru, eat lunch, have meetings again, practice, and then they're done. So we're meeting at the end of the day. It's to get our guys off their feet late in the season, as far away as we can from the kick off."

On talking to Ra'Shede Hageman about the internet situation:

"To tell you the truth I don't understand all of the things that are on the internet, but I've had a conversation with Ra'Shede. Again, like all my conversations I'd like to keep that between Ra'Shede and myself."

Update on injury report:

"The injury report is the same as yesterday. I still think that we've got some guys that are limited that are progressing and going in the right direction, but it's the exact same injury report."

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