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Transcript: Smith Press Conference

On signing Charles Godfrey over the bye week and where he fits on the team:

"Well, Charles is a guy that's play corner, safety and nickel in this League. It gives us depth at multiple positions. He's been spending most of his time in this League at the safety position, but he has played corner, and he has played nickel, so it gives us a lot of flexibility."

On Jonathan Babineaux's injury status:

"Jonathan Babineaux, I don't know if we have to do an official injury report, so we'll make it an unofficial Smitty report on Monday. Jonathan was a limited participant in practice, and we anticipate by the time we get back here on Wednesday he should be ready to be full speed."

On how the self-scouting went:

"Well, anytime you go through a self-scout and you had the first half of the season like we've had, it's not good. There's' a lot of things that stands out number wise. You can crunch the numbers and you can try to make them look good, make them look bad. There's a lot of things that we have to get better at. We still have the markers that we look at on the offensive side of the ball, over the last five games they have taken a big dip. That's really what we tried to focus on was the last five games, not the first three games of the season. I think it was important for us to look at really with the guys that we're going to be playing through the second half of the season, and there's a lot of areas we have to improve on. It's just not the players, it's the coaches; we're all in this together. On the offensive side the third down has gone down, first down efficiency. Those are areas we have to get much better at."

On what they saw from James Stone that made them put him on the initial 53-man roster:

"James is a really smart guy. He was guy that we worked out. The scouting department had worked him out. Coach Tice went and spent some time with him. He was very impressed with his ability to talk the game of football, and I think he's cerebral when it comes to making the calls. He impressed us all through the preseason, and actually won a spot on the 53-man roster, and has had an opportunity to go in there and play the last game and three quarters. I think he's going to be a good football player. He's going to have his 'uh oh' moments like all young guys will go through, but we just hope that we eliminate them and they're not in critical times."

On Drew Davis' status:

"We anticipate, Drew is still working on the side today, but we do anticipate that we will probably be starting his clock on Wednesday, barring anything unforeseen. He's supposed to see the doctor again today, but he's been doing some work on the side, and we anticipate that his clock will be starting on Wednesday. I believe it's 21 days."

On Kemal Ishmael's rough moments and how he's held up confidence wise:

"I think that his skill set is best suited for being closer to the line. He's done some really good things, in terms of playing the run and being part of our run defense. I think we'll go through a learning curve in the past, the further he gets away from the line of scrimmage, but he's done some good things. Unfortunately, when a safety makes a mistake it's kind of like when the punter, kicker, quarterback, or the coach makes it, everybody knows it."

On the "plaster" drills they do with the defensive backs:

"The principle is when you have a zone defense, and the integrity of the play breaks down and the quarterback starts the scramble, you match the guy in your zone, and it turns in from a zone defense into a man defense. That's the theory behind plastering."

On the guys in the locker room saying let the chips fall where they may and just play full speed:

"I believe, and we believe as a coaching staff, we all know where we're at. We haven't had the first half of the season that we would like, and our focus really needs to be on today, and once we finish today then we move onto the next day. That's how we have to approach it. I think it's very important for us as a team to not be worrying about anybody else but our self, and trying to be the best that we can be. We're going to continue to coach aggressively, and we're going to continue to go out and play aggressively. I think it's very important for us to put together some solid days on the practice field, and the thing that hasn't been happening is, it hasn't carried over the game field for 60 minutes. We've seen spurts in games that we like, but we haven't been able to put it together since our game against Tampa on Thursday night."

On whether they should expect anything extra from Tampa Bay since they were embarrassed during the last game:

"This is a division game, and I know that Lovie (Smith) will have them ready to play. That game is really going to have no bearing in what's going to happen in this ball game. We're two different football teams. They're playing with a lot of confidence right now. They've shown improvement over the last two or three weeks."

On how Gerald McCoy changes the dynamic of the game:

"He did not play in the game last time. He leads their team in sacks; he's a very explosive defensive lineman. It's not that he's going to lineup on one side, he moves. He's there three technique; it's going to be based on what we do formationally, so both guards are going to get an opportunity to have to block him. But he is one of the most explosive guys in all the League. I think he is very similar to the guy that we played last week, the guy that wore number 90."

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