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Transcript: Sean Weatherspoon post-practice interview


How did it feel to get your contract done last night?

"It was awesome. It's a process, just waiting to hear back from my agent to make sure that everything was OK. My main goal was to make sure that I made it to this practice, that's the big deal. You don't want to miss any time out there on the field. It was a big deal getting here and I was very excited that I'm here."

It seemed the Falcons approached your contract the same way you did.

"Oh yeah definitely, they do what they do. Since [General Manager Thomas Dimitroff] Mr. Dimitroff has been here he's gotten the guys in when they need to be in camp, and they did that. They worked well with my agent and everything turned out for the better."

How did it go out there on the field today?

"It was fun; fun to get back out there and run around. Just trying to make some plays, knock the rust off a little bit and get back in the swing of things. Older guys out there talking to me and [Linebacker Coach Glenn Pires] Coach "GP" is on me, just getting me ready man. I'm ready to get out there, just keep working and hopefully make some things happen."

How do you feel as an outside linebacker and what does that entail?

"When I first got to mini-camp I was surprised that I was doing both positions, but now it's coming into play. It s a big deal, because we do switch. Coach is telling me go in at this go in at that. You have to know everything. You got to be able to get out there on the field and training camp definitely helps so I am excited about being an outside linebacker."

Can a guy like LB Mike Peterson help you?

"Definitely, he knows everything that is going on out there. He has played in this system for a long time and he knows exactly what's going on, so I kind to lean on Pete. He has been doing a great job of just trying to relay the messages to me on what I have to do. I just got to stay in my playbook, just got my playbook this morning so I'm excited."

Have you practiced in weather conditions similar to this?

"Oh yeah, it's pretty humid up there. Being at Missouri we did see the heat a lot and we were always outside when the sun was out, it's not like we were going indoors. I'm pretty much used to it. Being from Texas I had a lot of two-a-day camps back in high school in pretty good heat so I think I will be ok. Just got to stay hydrated, that's the key. If you come out here and think you're Superman and don't drink water, and don't drink fluids you'll pay for it."

So many fans are excited about you being here, what is your reaction to that?

"Well I love it, man. It's a big deal. In college it was kind of like that after my first couple of years then the spoons came out. I am excited that the fans are excited about me being here and that the people here really want me here."

Do you feel like it is a job yet?

"Oh yeah definitely, it's a job for me. I definitely saw the business aspect over the past couple of days and I understand it a little bit more. You got to get out here and go out there and earn whatever they give you."

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