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Transcript: Saints Postgame Quotes


With Monday night's win over the Falcons, the Saints clinched a trip to the postseason to try for a second straight Super Bowl title

Safety Darren Sharper

"That was a good performance by our defense. We know who they want to get the ball to and the main thing was that we stopped their running attack and didn't allow Turner to get going. And once we did that it made our jobs a lot easier. It forced them to start throwing the ball."

On the two interceptions by Drew Brees:

"The best thing that he did was make the tackle on the second one (Abraham). If he doesn't make that tackle it was going to be tough on us to come back. He's a fighter and everyone knows that. Drew is the MVP."

**LB Scott Shanle

On the making the playoffs:**

"It feels great. It's the first step in trying to repeat and defend our championship is to get into the tournament. "

On slowing down Turner and Gonzalez:

"They have talented players. Obviously those guys have been a key part of what they've done this year. I think we would be crazy to not try and make someone else beat us. That's kind of what we did tonight."

**OT Jon Stinchcomb

On Brees overcoming the two interceptions**

"He doesn't let one bad play affect his game. You see him move forward and put that last play behind him. I'm sure that no one is a harsher critic on him than himself. For him to be able to rebound and lead this team is a testament to his toughness."

On making the playoffs

"We are in. It's all about trying to continue to play good football. "

Head coach Sean Payton

"It was a hard fought game. The reason why it is tough to play in the [Georgia] Dome is because this is a really good football team. The momentum of the game went back and forth, but we were fortunate enough to overcome the turnovers and make enough points to win the game. This is a significant win, and it was great to get this win on the road."

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