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Transcript: Roddy White postgame interview


Roddy White came up big late in Sunday's game, forcing a fumble that gave the Falcons just enough to come out victorious over the 49ers.

On stripping the ball after Nate Clements' interception…

"I just watch (the defensive backs) every day at practice and watch them get the ball out on me at practice. You just learn from that. Any time that you see defensive players carrying the ball, they aren't used to it so you've got a chance."

On whether or not he thought Clements would slide…

"I knew that he was going to try to score. When I saw him running to the sidelines, I knew that he was going to try to score. I just told myself, 'Just get there, just get there,' and I got there and got the ball out."

On his thought process after he saw the ball intercepted…

"I was on the outside running a hitch and as soon as I hitched, I saw Matt [Ryan] throw the ball and I saw [Clements] jump for it. I didn't know whether he was going to get it or not, but once he got it, I just turned around and started running. I ran and as soon as I got close to him, I just tried to punch it as hard as I could. i got it out and Harvey (Dahl) recovered it. It was a good job by him."

On the never quit attitude of the team…

"Never die. (Dahl) doesn't have to run down there. Nate had already passed the offensive linemen. For me to get there and strip it and for Harvey to get there to recover it and to give us a second chance, it's big. It just speaks volumes about our team and those guys and the conditioning and effort that we put into games."


On his mindset after having to start over again after the fumble recovery…**

"I knew we were going to score. I thought we were going to score prior to that, but we had a little hump in that one. But once we got it back, I knew that we had two timeouts and 1:06 left. I said we needed about 65 yards and you know, we just found a way to get it."

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