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Transcript: Raheem Morris Postgame News Conference


Bucs head coach Raheem Morris said his team's playoff chances will be determined within the next couple of weeks as they still have a chance to prove themselves

On the Atlanta kickoff return for a touchdown:

"Obviously, we missed a couple tackles. They ran [the ball] back to get the momentum back, and that was a swinging part of the game, but that certainly won't be an excuse. It certainly won't be the reason that we lost. We still had a three-point lead and you still have to win those games."

On WR Roddy White's catch on third-and-20:

"[It was] a big-time play by Roddy White. Out of position by our players, but, again, [we] still had an opportunity to win the game. You have to win those opportunities. They hit a soft spot in the zone in cover-2 and got [the ball] in there. Great play, great catch, diving catch out of bounds, keeping his feet in bounds, everything like that. Superb execution by the Atlanta Falcons."

On the youth of Tampa Bay playing a role in the game:

"At some point, you have to stop using the excuse of being young. At some point, it is just an excuse, and we are not prepared to make [excuses]. At some point, you realize that this hard work that you do during the week, and all the things you do to get ready for [these] types of situations, they mean [things]. And you don't make those excuses. We're not going to make those. We'll come back. Next week can't come fast enough."

On going for it on fourth-and-12:

"We were giving the offense all four downs to go and get it. [We were] letting those guys go try to win it with [Josh Freeman], putting the ball in your playmaker's hands. He's done it for us a bunch of times and he had all four right from the beginning of the drive. I was going to give him all of them and let him go out there and try to win it for us."

On the playoff picture for Tampa Bay:

"We have four more games left to prove that. It will be determined here soon. We have four games to come out. Next week we have the Washington Redskins at their place and we have to get ready to play."

On the team's demeanor after the 10-point swing late in the game:

"[Atlanta] ran back a kickoff and then they drove the ball down and got the seven points, which they are capable of doing at any given time, so I don't think there was any panic. We got the ball back and we were driving down the field and we put ourselves in position to be right down there to score, but just weren't able to execute it at the end and weren't able to finish it off. This team has got to learn and grow up and learn how to do that. But I wouldn't say there was any panic. These guys have all been in this situation before. They're young, they're explosive, they're fun to watch, they're dynamic, and we just have to get better. We're looking forward to that."




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