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Transcript: Mike Smith Postgame News Conference


Falcons head coach Mike Smith talked about how his team stuck to the game plan, even after going down by 10 points to the Bucs on Sunday

On the game:

"Sometimes you have to find a way to win a game when you are not at your best. We didn't play our best ballgame today. We were down by 10 points, with about 10 minutes to go, and we talk all the time about being resilient and somebody has to step up and make a play and the play today was the play of Eric Weems, but it was very good blocking at the end of that return that got him in for a touchdown. We know it was going to be a 60-minute game and the NFL South is a very competitive division, year in and year out, it's the most competitive. Coach (Raheem) Morris and his team did a very good job. It was hard fought, and we were very fortunate to get that win out there at the end."

On being down by 10 points:

"When they got the 10 point lead, I talked with Mike Mularkey and the offensive staff and basically said we are not going to change what we are doing. We need to stay with our game plan. We didn't realize that we were only going to be down by 10 for about 15 seconds with the kickoff return, so it did change a little bit, but I thought we did a good job of staying with the plan and trying to run the football there in the fourth quarter."

On Eric Weems being in or out of bounds:

"I saw some feet on the sideline. I can't tell you whose were whose, but it was close, close over there. It was a tough call. There were a bunch of feet there to see in that short area."

On the play of Matt Ryan:

"I thought we didn't play our best game statistically. It wasn't one of our better games, but we are a very resilient group and guys can put bad plays behind them. We have to do that in this league because they are going to be plays that do not go your way, and I think Matt did a good job in staying calm, never blinked, and that what this football team is all about. They are very resilient and they are not going to blink when something goes the other team's way."

On games coming down to the end:

"I know that most of the games in this league come down to a touchdown or less, about 25 to 30 percent come down to a field goal. We've just been in a situation were we play in a lot of those and we know this team is a sound team and they have a lot of resolve. Regardless of what the situation is, they are going to play until the end. I think when you do that, I think you have the opportunity to win games. That's what we have been able to do. We have been very fortunate."




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