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Transcript: Mike Smith postgame news conference


Coach Smith Opening Statement:

"Alright guys, I know it's a late night already when we've been going through 14 days of training camp so I'm going to try to make this real quick. I felt like we did some really good things on offense, defense, and special teams and it's really good to get the win. I liked our effort, I liked our intensity. I liked the way that the guys played but we made way too many mistakes and those are the things that will have to get corrected. I thought that in all three phases there were some positive things and we want to keep it all in perspective, this is the first preseason game. Anytime you win in this League it's good for the guys, it's good for the coaches. We've got to get back and start watching that tape and making corrections. We've got to play better than we did this week next week."


On how he felt about the first team offense in the two series they played:**

"Well, I thought that they did a very good job. We wanted to establish the run in that first series and I thought we were able to do that. I thought RB Michael Turner, the limited carries that he had, I thought he ran the ball with power and I thought that we were blocking very well. I believe we only threw the ball two times on that first drive. We wanted to set the tempo of the ballgame by running the football. I thought that QB Matt (Ryan) did a nice job as well. We made a couple of conversions in those first two series that we had third and long situations. Those are situations that the defense definitely has the advantage and we were able to convert."


On how RB Dimitri Nance played:**

"I thought that Dimitri, when he got his opportunity to run the ball, he runs the ball with power. He's a very compact back. I thought that he did a nice job, I really think all of them did. RB Jason Snelling I think had some positive runs, as well as RB Antone Smith. All of those guys I thought really did a good job running the football and that was really our first exposure at a 3-4 front. When you're playing that 3-4 front you've got different blocking schemes and rules."


On CB Dominique Franks performance: **

"I thought that Dominique was involved in some very big plays. He had a really nice hit there in the flat. I think he had some tight coverage. He had an opportunity there late in the game in the fourth quarter for an interception. He's continuing to develop. A lot of the guys, I think when they started the game, our young guys were a little nervous. You could feel it on the sideline when they were getting ready to go in. I think after the first two or three plays they settled down."


On his impression of how the first team offensive line performed:**

"We did not give up any sacks offensively in the ball game. Again, I thought Matt did a nice job stepping up when there was pressure and he dumped the ball down. I thought that was a very positive thing to see, that his pocket awareness was very good. When you don't get the quarterback hit, you've got to feel good about it. Was there pressure? Yeah there was pressure, there was pressure on both sides of the ball I thought our defense did a nice job. I think we had the two sacks, we had the turnovers, and I thought two of the sacks came at crucial times when Kansas City was in field goal range and they really had to attempt the long ones."


On how he feels about the defensive backs' performance:**

"Going into the game we said there were six things we wanted to do, and two of the six were, we wanted to play very aggressively and with a lot of physicality and I thought that stood out early on. I thought that all the way through the game, even with our young guys, they kept that energy going and they played with some physicality and they were very, very aggressive."

On the status of DE Jamaal Anderson and LB Curtis Lofton:

"Both of them were cramps in that last drive. Curtis had an IV there at half time and he was back to his old self. He was only scheduled to play (the first half), he was out from that point on. If it was a regular season game both of those guys would have continued on playing"


On S Shann Schillinger's performance: **

"I thought Shann, when the opportunity to make a play presented itself he made the play. It was good to see him show some athleticism and run that ball back down inside the 20 yard line. I thought the other thing, there were two turnovers in the second half, Chevis Jackson's run inside the 10 yard line to set up a field goal that was good. The thing we wanted to do with our kickers, we rotated our kickers, I think you saw that throughout the day. We wanted to make sure when there was an opportunity for a long field goal we wanted to see what those guys could handle. I think we're getting an idea of where their range is."

On CB Chevis Jackson stepping up and playing well:

"I thought Chevis did. We lost a corner, so he had to play longer than we wanted him to play but he played corner and nickel for us. We were a little bit light in some positions, the defensive back position going into the game and the linebacker position. I thought Chevis did a really nice job. That was a great break on the ball, I thought he had a real good read in run force. But hey good game guys, there are a lot of things that we can correct. Talking about players, coaches, all of us, and that's what we're going to do for next 48 hours before we get back with our guys."

On LB Sean Weatherspoon starting his first NFL game:

"I thought that Sean got a little baptism under fire. He didn't get an opportunity to ease into it. He started as our will linebacker in this ball game. I thought that he did some good things. I think you see his urgency, I think you see his strength. I think you see a guy that's going to be able to do what we thought he was going to be able to do. He can match-up tight ends and match-up on running backs. I thought it was a good start for him. It's going to be fun to watch the film and watch him play. And I thought he did a good job on special teams as well, on punt cover."

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